Across the World on the Wings of the Wind – A Book Review

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Living on the Circumference - Finding the Center

First, in case, you only read this paragraph, I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. Born out of Martha Kennedy’s interest in her family’s geneology, this a historical fiction, set in Switzerland and spanning three periods in time – the Crusades, the Reformation and the 19th century immigration to America. The one current that runs throughout the series is the bond between brothers and their personal journeys with family and faith. In each book, inner conflict plays out as each of the brothers struggles with their own desires and the desire to do what is right, which can be in opposition to one another, and force them to choose one over the other. At once in love with some of the characters and not always liking others, we follow the brothers, joining in the choices they make, often risking life and death in the quest and promise of faith, adventure and new…

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4 thoughts on “Across the World on the Wings of the Wind – A Book Review

  1. Thank you for the reblog and for the recommendation to my blog. I’ve added both of your blog links to the original post.

    I’m embarrassed, but I misspelled genealogy. I can proofread all day and still miss something.

    • Thank you so much. I shared your review with my editor and she had really good words for it, well, you. She said you are a “curious and thoughtful reader.” 🙂

      You mentioned something obvious that in the process of writing I neither noticed nor thought of. It IS three books about brothers. ❤

      There's another thing… In The Price the family comes to American in 1743.

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