A Silver Lining I Didn’t Know I Needed

Since yesterday, since the announcement that the House of Representatives is going to proceed with an impeachment investigation against Offal (Our Fearless Leader) I have felt like a weight is off my chest, shoulders, mind, LIFE. I know very well that it might come to naught. But I know equally well it might come to something good in several different ways. Offal could be indicted (impeached) and compelled to stand trial. Offal could be tried and, as in the case of Bill Clinton, found guilty and NOT removed from office. He could be tried, found guilty and removed from office (never happened in US history). He could resign (I don’t envision this, but…). The proceedings could compel Republicans with a conscience to step forward and save the soul of their party. It could result in all but the most incorrigible of his base to realize what’s been going on. And, even if the leadership of the Senate throws out the whole thing immediately, what the investigation undercovers could result in a better government after the 2020 election.

At the moment, the House is one vote short. I’ve written my Representative.

So, naysayers, keep your thoughts to yourself on this one. I’m sure I’ve thought of all the downsides. We need a little hope right now.

When Pelosi (hairy Nancy) made her announcement yesterday I got tears in my eyes.

I had no idea how much this whole thing has darkened my perspective on life. I found myself less irritable with my dogs today on our walk. I found some of my intrinsic sense of humor had returned. I found myself looking forward to my trip to Colorado Springs and Denver this weekend to see friends, visit my old home town and go to The Who concert.

Had a beautiful walk with my dogs — in spite of my sprained foot — and I like them better than I have in months.

14 thoughts on “A Silver Lining I Didn’t Know I Needed

  1. I have been amazed at how I’ve been dragged down by the entire government — it has seemed like an insurmountable problem. Yesterday and today have provided hope that things may improve. I agree that there are several outcomes — all of them are good to one extent or another!

  2. It’s probably unrealistic, but I’m hoping this gives Republicans who really loathe Offal (love the name) an opportunity to stand up and say so. It’s MY ray of hope.

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