Winter Gets Legit, and Bear and I are So Happy

Bear and I have waited a LOOONNNGGGG time for what we like most: being outside in the snow. Not that any snow has fallen for about a month but it doesn’t matter as long as the temperatures never go above freezing, and they haven’t. It doesn’t look like they will, either.

Teddy — with whom I’ve decided to share my birthday because he was 6 months old when I got him last June — and I took off on Tuesday to celebrate and evaluate the packed trails. They were (and still are) beautiful

The nordic club grooms trails for walkers and skiers ❤

I finally skied (Langlaufed) the groomed trails yesterday and today Bear and I took a long snow ramble. The snow is at least 8 inches deep — fluffy, light, crystalline old snow. Perfect beautiful soft sweet I love it so much. Skiing yesterday was great except the stupid snow baskets came off my poles and weren’t cool about me putting them back. I dunno…

Finally, Martha.
I know, Bear.”

So today out there in boots with my best snow pal, I was able to evaluate the entire groomed course that I didn’t ski yesterday (having had to go back twice to retrieve snow baskets, grrr…) and make plans for tomorrow. My poles and their cheesy baskets will get a stern talking to in the morning, because I must seize the day. ❤

Roald Amundsen had nothing on me.

“Won’t you try a little bit harder, couldn’t you try just a little bit more”

21 thoughts on “Winter Gets Legit, and Bear and I are So Happy

  1. A late happy birthday wish! The snow looks like a magnificent b’day gift — and Bear looks like she can’t wait to get out in it (you too!). How did Teddy do in the snow?

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m thrilled for you and Bear (and Teddy too) that you were able to frolic in the snow. You do look bundled up for the cold. Sounds like you got the workout that you wanted – hope the ski poles behave on your next outing!

  3. What beautiful pictures…its these pictures that make me like being in snow. Not driving in as much though. We barely had any snow so far.

    have a great weekend.

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