Land of Wonders

“I love this human.”

“Me too, Bear, but I wish I had four legs like you do.”

“Yeah. What’s up with that?”

“Evolution. The same thing that made you a specialized big white dog.” I could use poles, but Bear has to be leashed and I have to hold her. It’s a two handed job. She’s a BIG dog.


“You know, doing what you were bred to do. Take care of sheep.”

“Oh yeah, like my mom and dad.”

I look at my dog. Does she remember them? I shrug. This is all in my head. This is hard work, but we wear ourselves out happily. The snow is not as deep as it was, but it’s still too deep to just walk through. I have snow shoes. I’ve never used them. I should, but I haven’t. I think I like this…

The deer have been here, tracks everywhere, and the patches of alfalfa in this fallow field have been chewed down to the nubbin. I see the tracks where the deer dragged their feet, head down, looking, sniffing.

Bear leaves a citron yellow calling card.

We get out as far as I think I’ll be able to come back. Hundreds of birds — geese? Cranes? take flight about half-a-mile away. My mind WANTS them to be cranes, but they’re geese. We walk back through untrammeled snow, both of us hoping for more but Bear, at least, has the grace to be happy with what she has.

15 thoughts on “Land of Wonders

  1. I love this picture of your environment! I wonder — do snowshoes really help, or are they too awkward to use? If the geese are already coming through, does that mean the cranes are soon to follow? Is it almost spring?

    • Absolutely — my injured foot is still not 100% so I don’t push it past where I know it’s going to be OK coming home. It’s now up to 2 miles and that through snow. Not bad. 🙂

  2. I guess this year you got the snow you want. We’ve had a very strange winter with no snow at all in January, usually our coldest month. Instead, it has been warm and rainy. Strange doings. Bear must be in heaven. You too, I expect 🙂

    • We haven’t gotten all the snow we want. It hasn’t snowed in a month. 😦 But it’s been cold so the snow we have hasn’t melted but today it was in the 40s. It does not bode well for Bear but I haven’t told her.

      • There a big storm brewing that supposedly will solve your problem pretty soon. The only thing is that forecasts haven’t been very accurate recently. No big surprise. We either are — or aren’t — expecting snow over the weekend. I guess we’ll see.

        • I hope so. They’ve been hitting north and, of course, being between two rain shadows doesn’t help. But I’m hopeful. It seems we are always expecting or not some snow. I hope you get some but not enough that you’re trapped.

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