The Writer Reads Again

Yesterday, in the anthologies I evaluated for the contest, I read a couple of pretty haunting stories.

Because the category of “anthologies” is so all-encompassing, they can be anything. They are difficult to evaluate because, unless they’re thematic anthologies with stories or articles around one theme, they come through to the unknowing reader (which would be me) like a random assortment of stories which is what they are. They demand I be flexible as a reader — and I am, up to a certain point, but we all have our breaking point.

I recently won first prize in a contest that leads to just such an anthology. Unfortunately, I forgot to put the party on my calendar so I didn’t go. AND after years of submitting stories and having them rejected, now when I submit stories I forget about them. But it was very cool to get a little note in the mail with a check enclosed.

Well, I have a few more anthologies to wade through this morning.

I have come across a couple of amazing books. If you’re planning a trip to Rome, I have never seen a better more interesting attractive and complete tourist guide than the one I read yesterday. Rome Keys to the City — The Astute Traveler, Patty Civalleri. It made me want to go. I also read a very intriguing book about the famous Parisian Cemetery which shelters the remains of Jim Morrison and even greater lights, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. City of Immortals.

27 thoughts on “The Writer Reads Again

  1. Congrats again on your publication. Too bad you missed your party – but next time… :). Hopefully all that reading and reviewing will be enjoyable in the end!

    • All this reading has been mostly fun and extremely educational. It has made it very unlikely that I’ll write another book, though. These people have money to produce very fancy books. Some of them do crowd funding and other things to raise the money for fancy book design. I don’t know… Pretty intimidating. I did all my books completely on my own. 🙂

      • Good to know you are enjoying the reading. Why do it if it isn’t fun after all? And fancy doesn’t necessarily mean they are “good” books – it does sound intimidating – which is not fun. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, to everything. To you wonderful paintings, your books and stories and I am sure your new escapades with the sewing machine will be just as perfect.

  3. I’m a structure person, so not having a theme would kind of lose me. It felt good to hear you say it was a bit difficult for you. Redeemed! Oh, Martha–congratulations on winning first place! That is wonderful. I’m so happy that you received the award because you put your heart and soul into your writings. I’m glad it was noticed.

  4. Congratulations on your prize, Martha. Your little enclave of fans enjoys reading your books, so don’t give up. Except for the superstars of music and writing (and even for them) that have agents, I suspect the road to generating large number of readers or listeners involves a lot of grunt work and lots of luck. Going on the road, interviews, performing at festivals, living out of a suitcase, promotion, promotion, promotion. Really, I don’t know how the lesser known excellent writers get any writing done. I think it is okay to do what you love doing and love what you are doing, and philosophising on your blog. It may mean trips to Australia are out, but still, you get to meet and engage with people from all across the world. That must be very satisfying.

  5. Congrats on the award… Sounds like you are making progress in the book evaluations! I suppose it would be a fun job if all of them were good…

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