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Way back in the 1980’s, I was a resident in Family Medicine. Our training was a mix of hospital-based clinical training, rotating through all the usual specialties: internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, etc. Another significant part of our training was outpatient clinical work. We started slowly, one half day per week […]

Medical Misinformation — Curious Steph

2 thoughts on “Medical Misinformation — Curious Steph

  1. You wouldn’t believe the disputes I’ve gotten into over colloidal silver.

    “Well, where’s the research?”

    “It’s being suppressed by Big Pharma!”

    “OK, so why doesn’t he just publish it online? Like in a blog post or something?”

    “It will be shut down by the FDA!”

    “Then what evidence do you have that it works?”

    “There are these testimonials, see? And the ancient Egyptians knew about it. And it is this secret that’s been suppressed because they want to maintain power over you by preventing you from being able to cure yourself. Big Pharma and Big Medicine can’t make money if you can do it yourself.”

    “Sorry. If I don’t see a peer-reviewed double-blind test showing a real benefit vs, placebo, I’m not buying it. And then I want to see side effects that are less damaging than the disease being treated. Not interested in turning my skin blue.”

    “You’ve been brainwashed. You’re only thinking what they want you to think! The truth is out there.”

    (Heavy sigh!) “And so are you, my friend.”

    And talking to the anti-vaxxers is an order of magnitude worse.

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