I should have taken more photos yesterday when I was out with Teddy at the Big Empty. There was virga that really did look like fringe hanging from the dark clouds. It was beautiful. The easternmost part of the mountains closest to me, the San Juans, is only a couple of miles away. Most of the time, when a storm comes over from the west, the higher elevations take the rain. Then, like yesterday, the clouds float over the valley – still raining at the elevation of the mountains making rain fringe in the sky.

I took the featured photo six years ago as I was leaving the San Luis Valley after my very first (adult) visit here during which I looked at my dream house (still here, still empty) and fell in love with my town and the valley. The mountains in the photo are the Sangre de Cristos. My friend Lois and I were headed to Valley View Hot Springs in Crestone and then up to Colorado Springs.

13 thoughts on “Fringe

  1. Martha, have you ever read the book “The Man Who Killed the Deer” by Frank Waters? Your mention of the Sangre de Cristos reminded me of it–the sacred mtns. of the Pueblos.

    • No I haven’t. I’ll look for it!! Mt. Blanca is one of the Navajo’s four sacred mountains. She’s amazing. She just sits there being wise.

  2. A new word for me – virga! I would be happy with just virga today. The painters are waiting for the house to dry before starting. It is supposed to rain all day off and on… I guess the house is not getting painted today. I love the photo and I too wish you’d have taken more photos yesterday…

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