Women in Early Climbing —

how did climbing shape your life?

High Clip from The Dihedral invited me to write a blog post for her series, Women in Early Climbing. I struggled because I’m not a climber. I told High Clip, “I don’t think I can write this, you see, I’m not a climber.”

She said, “I think you are.” She said I had a climber’s mentality. I returned to the problem and then I saw the long-term effect of my early climbing life on everything that happened afterward and the person I became, am, now. I hope you enjoy it!

Women in Early Climbing —

13 thoughts on “Women in Early Climbing —

  1. I clicked, I read, I’m happy. Part of me wishes I had had the opportunity to fall in love with mountains and climbing rocks. The more sensible me is satisfied with loving the lush green of Indiana and Michigan in the summer and the flat land where the snow dances in the wind in the winter.

  2. Martha, that was a beautiful piece on climbing. Your love of the rocks, mountains, nature shines through. I found the end very moving.

  3. I just read your essay and enjoyed it very much. I don’t know much about rock climbing and such (climbing trees was my thing), but you gave me a wonderful peek inside that life – and yours. I also found the end very moving.

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