I was driving home from the shelter with Teddy, I’d just gotten him, ostensibly to foster (ha ha) Eric Clapton started singing from Mohammed’s Radio. Little Teddy, still with his puppy coat, sat in the seat next to me. Teddy is absurdly friendly and manically alert. He was hiding his nervousness (fear?) in a little coat of cuteness. For some reason I started singing along with the radio, and Teddy’s little ears perked up. He cocked his head, he looked at me. I put my hand on his little head and I kept singing. In the back of my mind were the words to the song. Promises. I’d just made one.

How had Teddy — the cutest smartest little dog ever born — ended up tied up and abandoned outside a convenience store? Who would not want him? I thought of the nice lady who’d rescued him and then brought him to the shelter in case someone was looking for him.

I didn’t know it, but only a few weeks later my 15 year old barky black dog, Dusty T., would have a stroke, and I would have to put him down. I didn’t think that in Teddy I was bringing home a pal and a job for Bear who was going to mourn that big black dog as much as I would. I didn’t know any of this.

Teddy took to Dusty right away and Dusty protected that little dog when he thought Bear was playing too rough. Here’s a video of Dusty protecting his little “son”, hopefully, you can see. I couldn’t download it from Facebook 😦

As I drove home, I kept singing. Teddy clearly liked it. Now, I always turn the radio to some soft rock stuff when I’m in the car with Teddy and if it’s humanly possible, I sing.

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  1. What a happy coincidence that Teddy has been such a good pal to Bear and to you. This is a nice tribute to all 3 of the dogs — and to you for taking them in and understanding them each in their different personalities and needs.

  2. Dogs do have a strong parenting instinct. When we found our first kitten (Mr. Cat) in the back yard, Rex, our sainted Bernese adopted it instantly and for the rest of his life put up with being attacked by it, gave it affection, and protected it fiercely. A friend’s rottweiler once went after Mr. Cat (long story how it got in the houses unexpectedly) and Rex sent it off yipping in pain and fear.

    Fast forward 13 years and we have taken in another feral kitten, Scamp. Avery, our border collie mix immediately adopted it. While Rex was relaxed and imperturbable Avery was a helicopter mother, always hovering and worrying. Completely different parenting approaches.

  3. Ya know we get told that 🐈 and 🐕 don’t get along Jajaja what rubbish! Negrita the 🐈 and Patu(Bigfoot) were smitten 🥰 with each other for 13 years until Negrita started peeing on the furniture. Patu a malamute/ German Shepard lived 16 years however the owner of ya Great Dane argues that his dog will live beyond 16! I don’t know but my thinking is that small dogs 🐶 live longer than the big guys but my friend Gil is adamant that his dane will live to 30 years! Oohm I don’t think so🙏🐕♒️😷oh well

    • Small dogs live longer than big dogs, but big dogs with the right home live longer than most people think they will. I had cats and dogs together for years. Some dogs loved the cats, some didn’t, but the cats were mostly good at taking care of themselves.But the wolf/husky did kill a cat. She saved it for me and when I got home from school, she was guarding a dead cat — my cat — stiff and cold. She’d guarded it all day. I just said, “Good dog, Ariel. I love you.” and picked up my poor kitty.

  4. Teddy always guarantees you an audience – sing your heart out! Very sweet story. I am not on FB so unfortunately could not enjoy the video. My son also rescued an abandoned dog (found running around with a chain attached to his collar, probably from a dog run) and they have an amazing bond. It’s love all around. He also enjoys my son’s singing 🙂

  5. I love this story. I’m unable to see the video but I can just imagine the bond – seems some dogs and some people are better at protecting the weak and helpless. Glad Teddy found you and Dusty and Bear.

    • I wish you could see the video. It’s so cute. I wish I’d put it up on Youtube instead of deleting it from my phone after putting it on Facebook, but OH WELL.

  6. It’s funny how it works out sometimes. We found Polly just a few weeks before we lost our cat Jake. I’ve always had dogs and cats together and they have all got on fine. I’d sometime see a dog step in between two bickering cats or protect a new puppy from cranky cats. Cindy and Polly have a lovely relationship they bonded the day we took Polly home.

    • Isn’t that amazing? Bear took to Teddy immediately, too, and while Dusty was a little slower to accept the little guy, after a day or two, he treated Teddy as if he were his puppy. ❤

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