Bear and I Discuss Change

“But Martha, you HAVE to sit there and drink your coffee. You CAN’T just go into your studio.”

“Why, Bear?”

“Because it’s how it’s always been. If you don’t…”

“Sweet Bear, you’re just a livestock guardian dog. You think all changes mean there’s a predator.”


“Yeah. That’s what you guys are bred for. That’s why when friends come over, you start guarding them immediately because WHY ARE THEY HERE????. They must be RUNNING FROM SOMETHING TERRIBLE.”

“That’s right, Martha. It’s important to keep things going in a calm, peaceful, predictable way so we all survive.”

“Damn, Bear. That’s what I think, too.”

“It’s obvious, Martha. Thanks for the rawhide. I don’t know how you hunt down so many animals when I don’t see you do it.”

“Magic powers, Bear.”

SO…having seen how important this ritual is to my dog (and to me) I will not take a break. I’ll just do my best to stay away from POLITICS!!!!

25 thoughts on “Bear and I Discuss Change

  1. Routine is important to dogs (most of them anyway) and people (most of them too). I would love to be able to ignore politics but the news keeps intruding into my peripheral vision and shouting, “Made you look!” Then it runs away laughing like a madman or at a madman or for a madman…. I’ve lost track. Anyway I would be bereft without the routine of seeing your posts here. Kudos to Bear for pointing out that WP is part of the safe routine!

  2. Did I miss that you were giving up your blog again, Martha? I’m so glad Bear is there to talk sense to you. I believe chronicling these times from a range of perspectives is really important. Although there is also the argument that as technology moves on, there will be no way to access this history. History is not Bear’s concern though. 🙂

  3. “Finley, guess what?”
    “What Momma? Can’t you see I’m chewing my rawhide and why are you reading and not playing with me?”
    “Well, I was worried that Martha wasn’t going to write for a while and Bear reminded her of some important stuff and she has a new post!”
    “I knew I loved Bear!”
    “Me too, Finley! ”
    Finn and I are hanging on and hanging in there with you! 💚🐶❤

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