Wait, I Write Books?

I’m going to have to put my shoulder to the wheel and get focused. Old people are getting vaccinated and old people are in charge of stuff down here. People older than I am. I got the word from the museum yesterday that the machinery is starting up again and the presentation (hold onto your hats) on Swiss immigrant settling in the San Luis Valley is on the brink of being a go before very long. Of course, in San Luis Valley time + pandemic time that will be sometime this coming summer, but still.

What was that going to be, anyway?

Luckily for me (you and the rest of the world) every one of my thoughts and actions is scrupulously recorded here on my blog and what isn’t (you mean there’s stuff you DON’T post here? Yeah, sorry) and saved on my laptop. Among other things, the event was going to give me a chance to read from my books in public. That’s fun and besides; sometimes it leads to clandestine book deals consummated on the front seat of my car, parked in front of the public library.

The three Swiss books…


20 thoughts on “Wait, I Write Books?

  1. Oh,…a read-aloud by Martha. I think you should have a podcast. I can think of so many names. You have so much to share! GET IMMUNIZED PLEASE! xoxo❤❤❤

  2. A ray of hope for a return to normalcy! I hope the readings are well attended and you sell out of your books! Wouldn’t the necessity for a second printing be fitting compensation for 2020?!

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