From the Back of the Beyond

As anyone who reads my blog knows, “country comfort” is a major part of my life and survival stragedy especially during the pandemic. It’s comforting knowing there are not that many people around to start with, and it’s not that difficult to get out by one’s self. I haven’t found any downsides to this life. It’s just right as far as I’m concerned.

So what IS country comfort according to a woman living in this remote valley? I have it; not everyone who lives here does. In my case, it’s the result of a giant blast of good luck in the year 2000 when I got hired at San Diego State University. That led to my being given (a couple years later) a ration of benefits that I had, until then, only dreamed of — health, dental and vision insurance (which I paid for every month but am reaping the rewards now) and retirement (same story). Because of THAT which happened on the heels of what felt like bad luck (not getting a class at a local community college) I’m here in Heaven in a comfortable small house with my dogs and sunlight and I get to do whatever I want. I can’t imagine anything more comforting than that.

Truth be told, life out here isn’t for everyone. It’s harsh. It can be desperately windy and desperately cold. The growing season is short. Lots of people who move here stay only a year and then get out, but for me?

Featured photo: a traffic jam a few years back.

12 thoughts on “From the Back of the Beyond

  1. I like how you make the most of what you have and enjoy life Martha. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂
    PS I’ll listen to the song as I read the others posts. I do like a bit of Macca 🙂

  2. Everyone’s slice of nirvana looks and sounds a little different, but so long as it makes them happy, it’s all good. And life is clearly good for you where you are now. That’s all that matters.

  3. I’m taking some vicarious delight in your happiness with the country comfort you’ve captured! Many want over the top happiness and don’t recognize the sustained contentment that makes up the bulk of what we call happiness.

  4. I don’t think I can take a nearly flat dry landscape for very long, but that’s me. But I definitely appreciate the other comforts that you mention.

    • It is ringed with snowy mountains all around, the closest to me are less than 5 km away. My legs are just too messed up to hike hills which is why there are so few pictures on my blog of me hiking in the mountains. I moved here for the mountains, but thank god for this ancient lake bed.

  5. I love my little town on Oregon’s north coast. I run into pals and the greeting is: “another day in paradise.” We’re not kidding.

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