The Times of our Lives are a Little Weird

We’re looking ahead at 6 days of cool weather and — gasp — rain. This is a very wonderful prognostication, as I’ve attempted to explain to Bear, not just for farmers but for us because it means that, maybe, probably, we can go out into the world at the time we like to. Sunset hikes/walks are lovely, but not the favorite for either of us.

What else?

Nothing. No more excitement, no road trips, no galleries to peruse. It’s OK. I know I’ll get better at this “normalcy” and it won’t drag me out when I go visit it. Truly, yesterday I felt like I’d returned from a long journey in another country.

And, while writing another Covid post isn’t my dream of a lovely morning, we’re having a flare up here in the San Luis Valley. I had the unpleasant discovery that only 23k of the eligible people who live here have had at least one shot. In my county it’s just under 40% and I’m fairly certain the other 60% will not be getting vaccinated. Some other counties have an even lower rate of vaccination and are enduring the flare up.

Things have gotten back to “normal” anyway, with small rodeos all over the place, and the big events that didn’t happen last year are happening this year. I was happy to hear the high school band practicing last week for the parade that’s part of the Ski (sky) Hi Stampede (rodeo, carnival and fair here in Monte Vista), but I also felt some concern. That so many people are ignoring science makes me feel bad for all the nurses and volunteers who’ve set up “Covid Events” all over Heaven trying to reach people. The reality is that there are plenty of people here — well, not all that many actual people here, but among the people here — who believe Trump won the election and all that goes with it.

The bizarre double-standard that has accompanied this is so weird. I used obscenities when responding to a tweet by my alleged congresswoman and for that Twitter banned me. I thought to myself, with Old 45 in mind, “If someone in power is tweeting abusive language that’s not using obscenities and is telling outright lies that affect people’s lives, that’s OK.” And I thought, “That bitch wears a Glock on her thigh, and she’s upset by my LANGUAGE?”

She’d posted a photo of a young man in an airport in Minnesota who was holding paperwork written in Spanish. She wrote, “The Border has moved all the way to Minnesota thanks to Biden’s failed border policies” or something very close to that. Well, first there IS a border with another country in Minnesota. Second, she didn’t know who that young man was. Here is my “offensive Tweet.”

When I clicked “Remove” I got a message telling me that if I did this again, I’d be permanently expunged, exiled, from Twitter. But IS that a punishment? I was tempted to attempt to do worse, but then I thought that’s like rising to the provocation of the playground bully and I deactivated my Twitter account. Of course, Twitter KNOWS it’s addictive and doesn’t delete an account until there’s been no activity for 30 days. That’s really not going to be a problem for me.

Some time over the past year I “moved” away. I don’t know how to explain that other than I started living as an ex-pat in this foreign country. I realized that as I drove over the mountain and saw again this beautiful valley that I love so much. I thought, “It’s you, me, and the dogs, valley.”

Meanwhile, I have to mow the lawn. “Thanks for hearing my confession,” as my friend Denis Joseph Francis Callahan would say after I listened to him rant. ❤

I just got a text, a little poem from a woman I met at the Refuge last year. We always meant to go for a walk together, but both of us were hesitant. Life is wonderful and yet very strange.

23 thoughts on “The Times of our Lives are a Little Weird

  1. I go back-and-forth on the issue of language being appropriate versus using the words that convey my ire. It’s hard to find a middle ground when something strikes your rage centers. And yet, I do kind of like language to be both expressive and beautiful. So, swearing or use of See-You-Next-Tuesday (wink) is reserved for those moments that I feel truly deserve their application. If it gets you banned from Twitter, that can only be a good thing, in my opinion.

  2. She is deliberately offensive and idiotic, as is her buddy MTG (one of “mine”).

    On a positive note, yay for rodeos!

  3. Like you, we are celebrating some cool weather with possible rain. Major exhale. And what an odd state we live in. Up here, we are close to 75 percent vaccination. Numbers are falling. The red/blue divide across the state showing up as illness rates is bizarre. The politics of denial and manipulation. Stay well and enjoy.

  4. You’re right, life is very strange. Sorry to hear about the rise in cases where you are, as well as the low vaccination rate. I’m guessing with a gun-packing rep that’s not likely to change. Stay safe.

    I hope mowing the lawn was calming.

    • Mowing the lawn was relaxing but — amazingly! — it started to rain. As for the gun-packing rep, her county has the highest rate in COVID and the lowest vaccination rate.

  5. County north of me still has Trump signs on their lawns and on their trucks. Vaccinated? No. They’re still thinking about it. You can only keep so much to yourself till you have to say it out loud. Banned from Twitter? My hero, Martha.

    • You’re right. The best news (and it’s not certain but…) I won’t be in her district after the redistricting. Yesterday or today (I don’t know which) she went on the floor of the house to get a vote on censuring President Biden for the stuff at the border because that has SO MUCH TO DO with rural Colorado. She’s a piece of work.

  6. Dearest Martha, thank-you for putting in words what I cannot (my filter is too firmly in place). I think you could have made your point with some more colorful phrases. Perhaps instead of the f-word you could have called her a brain dead otter, or said that dried cow dung was smarter? Instead of the c-word I’d suggest a promiscuous river rat willing to suckle Beelzebub or some thing that would cause her head to explode – like calling her a progressive liberal semi-socialistic sycophant of the criminal collusion. Just kidding. Not really….

    • Fuck and cunt made her head explode. Those words upset her or one of her minions (or several of her minions) enough for me to get thrown off Twitter which, in itself, was both triumph and revelation to me.

      You see, I don’t think there are any words worse than those that describe what she actually is as a human being. She personifies words like virulent, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, solipsistic, weapon-wielding, show-boating, irresponsible, opportunistic, maleficent, evil, manipulative, shallow, sinister, dishonest, hypocritical, AND poorly dressed. Any one of these is actually much much much worse than what I called her. But I could call her “evil and malicious” all day and NOTHING would happen. NO one would get upset. NO one would block me. It’s amazing that purely evil human beings are less noxious than two small words. We humans are a mystery.

  7. I’ll admit that I don’t know you very well, but you surprised me. It’s hard to congratulate you for having something in common with the donald, but congratulations anyway!

  8. People believe that with agrees with their preexisting beliefs. It is easier to live in a lie than to adjust their mental picture of the world.

    We do not live in a world that could eradicate smallpox anymore.

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