Inky, Slinky…

“I’m in love with an octopus, an inky, slinky, octopus, take me back to those lips of black and those 8 loving arms around me!”

I had an interesting dad. He would dance me around the living room while he sang this, getting the words wrong, but having a good time.

I wasn’t sure that was a legit song anywhere, the magic of the Internet soon enlightened me. It came from the 1954 musical, Fanny. I’d love to embed the song here, but WordPress isn’t letting me. You can hear the whole silly song here.

6 thoughts on “Inky, Slinky…

  1. I’ve never heard this before! 🐙 But I smiled thinking of your duo dance with Dad. Have you seen My Octopus Teacher on Netflix? Oh, Martha it’s so beautiful and touching. I cried. I encouraged my family to watch it.

  2. I’d heard of this musical, but not the song. You have a good memory and such a sweet dad. The only octopus song I can think of is the Beatles’ “Octopus’s Garden,” but I like yours – with its memory – better. 🙂

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