Diurnal Update 91.03.11.xiii

What, Bear? Oh, I know. It’s got to be worse for you. It will, don’t worry sweet girl. Just a couple of months now. It cooled down today a little bit. No, that isn’t what they mean when they talk about ‘solar power’. It should be but it isn’t. That’s something else. Yeah, it’s good when the wind blows.

I know it will come as a big surprise but Bear doesn’t actually talk, but it’s felt like she has during the recent heat wave. And, for all I know, she’s out there barking her daily blog saying, “Martha doesn’t actually bark, but it feels like she has during the recent heat wave.”

Teddy, on the other hand, is very open about his perceptions. During the past very hot days he’s just panted continually. Cheerfully, but continually. I don’t think he really cares.

A blogging pal — Wild Sensibility — is on her way with her two dogs to a new life. One of them is an Australian shepherd, like Teddy. He has taken their four or five or six day drive in stride, the same kind of optimistic, peaceful, enthusiastic stoicism I have seen in all my Aussies.

Moving out here from California in 2014, my Siberian husky was scared (but also ancient, blind and deaf), my Dobie/Lab was nervous, but my Australian shepherd was, “Wow! This is COOL! We get a MINI-VAN! Martha’s with us ALL THE TIME. Oh, we’re STOPPING??? That’s AWESOME. Oh, WOW! A field! There’s my friend Sherry!”

“This is GREAT!” Mindy T. Dog
“WTF?” Dusty T. Dog

Yesterday it cooled down and all of us were grateful. Teddy took a break from panting. Bear just relaxed and I savored the whole thing. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for the next few days and that’s good, too. I obviously have little or nothing to impart on this Monday morning. The Scarlet Emperor beans are doing great, though they remain unnamed and their poetry — if they have any — untranscribed. Time will tell.

17 thoughts on “Diurnal Update 91.03.11.xiii

  1. Hope you cool down soon. It was scorching when I arrived in the Yukon but right now it is cool, but back home it is hot!! I am helping look after my niece’s dog Kluey, short for Kluane. She’s a husky/shepherd cross, she is much happier in the cool weather. Kluey sends a high five to Bear and Teddy.

  2. I love that top photograph! And the heat…well, I’m not a fan either. I enjoyed your conversations with Bear and Teddy. I’ll bet you’ve translated just fine. So, the beans are okay in the heat? They seem to be survivors. I recall many made it through some snow last year!

    • The beans are thriving. They love hot days and warm nights. 🙂 They’re from South America (which I just learned this spring). And these are the “children” of those dauntless beans from last September’s snow storm so I’m thinking they might be a little bit special.

        • The tomatoes are doing well too. 🙂 And the deer flies and the potatoes in the field and they’ve had two hay cuttings already and might get a third if the rain comes. Summer has its purpose. I’ve realized for me it’s like other people’s winter. Time to stay inside and read a book 😀

  3. My dog Dev is like Mindy. Everything in life is exciting, especially if he gets to do it with me. I am constantly reminded by him that every breath is a gift, a chance to be in awe. I know that it is so trite when people say “we don’t deserve dogs” but that doesn’t make it any less true!

    • According to dogs, we deserve them. ❤ In summer it's not easy to head out to the Refuge with my dogs because the Refuge is a swamp and it's full of nasty flying creatures who prey on Bear, Teddy and me. They will be gone in a month or so and if the wind kicks up, we head out. Every time both dogs "say" "Isn't this the BEST, Martha?" and it is. ❤

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