Breathing Is Good

Bear’s bronchioles were working hard last night when we were hit by a surprise — and very loud — thunder-boomer. We’ve had real rain twice now and I’m very glad. I was happy to see real mud puddles in the alley, muddy paw prints in the house, new holes in the yard. Best of all (in my little life) no watering of the lawn.

BUT… Bear began her anxiety march which means walking in a circle from the living room, through the bathroom, to my room and back to the living room. She’s recently decided that my bed is the best place for her during a storm — a new thing this summer. I don’t like that. I love my dogs, but I don’t sleep with animals, not even in my room. BUT I finally surrendered and put a cover on the bed. When Bear’s anti-anxiety meds kicked in, I found her sleeping on my bed. And yes, that’s a tiger under the window. No, not a real one. In the window? Old-school air-conditioner. 🙂

No, Bear’s not spoiled.

I’ve been keeping the corner of one eye on national events. After getting expelled from Twitter, I knew I had to take a few steps back. Today, however, I made the mistake of seeking to be informed. This struck me:

“In emotional testimony that recounted the abuse he received while defending the Capitol on Jan. 6, D.C. police officer Daniel Hodges said he was struck by the flags carried by members of the mob, whom he characterized as “terrorists.”

“To my perpetual confusion, I saw the thin blue line flag, a symbol of support for law enforcement more than once being carried by the terrorists as they ignored our commands and continued to assault us,” Hodges said.

He nodded to the conflict between the beliefs represented by the flags, and the actions of those holding them…”


Men alleging to be veterans told us how they had fought for this country and we’re fighting for it again. One man tried to start a chant of four more years,” Hodges said. “Another shouted, ‘do not attack us. We’re not Black Lives Matter,’ as if political affiliation is how we determine when to use force.” Washington Post

That summarizes everything for me. I’ve come to understand that many of these people are convinced that Biden was not REALLY elected, that the election was fraud, that Trump TRULY won the election. They believe that fighting against what is (in truth) a legally elected administration they are fighting for our country.

I have no answer for this. It’s an absolute mind fuck.

I had a direct experience with something similar not long ago. On the other side of the valley live some truly big-hearted people that I’ve known since soon after I moved here. Last week one of them forwarded me some email correspondence between them and their son who is an artist. It concerned a good deal on some art supplies, but it also contained some passionate anti-Covid vaccination information. I almost wrote a response then I thought, “They 1) aren’t thinking about that, but about art supplies,” 2) “The ARE thinking about this and are (paradoxically) sharing this with me for my well-being. Their intention in this case is loving.”

BAM. These people are conscientious mask-wearers, but they are NOT getting vaccinated.

“As we get older and stop making sense
You won’t find her waiting long
Stop making sense, stop making sense…stop making sense, making sense…”

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  1. County north of me is definite Trump country. And most of them are ‘still not sure about the vaccine.’ I watched the testimony of the officers for about an hour and a half this morning. I had to stop…it got to me way too much. I have no answer for this, either, Martha.

    • I have a lot of thoughts about the players (Pelosi is an idiot though she’s not wrong) but really, who cares? I mean about buy thoughts? They are not even important to Bear (“No, Bear! I don’t want you on my bed!”) 😀

      • Pelosi is shrewd. She’s no idiot–she knows what she’s doing. Your thoughts might not be important to Bear (Bear–my Daisy jumped on the bed when she heard thunder, too), but they do drive discussion. And today’s verbal thoughts by those involved in Jan 6 will most certainly lead to some much needed discussion and, hopefully, resolution.

        • I hope you’re right. I honestly don’t think anything anyone says is going to convince the people who don’t want to be convinced that’s why I’m confused/disgruntled. Trump was impeached without being convicted twice at Pelosi’s pushing for impeachment. All that just further divided the country. I think we’re in uncharted water. That said, I think Pelosi is a smart woman with vast experience — I just wonder if anyone has any experience with what’s happened/happening now. Honestly, I’m very confused. Last night I decided I had 3 1/2 years of comparative calm in which to live, hopefully, before another shit show — though I think next year’s election is extremely important.

          • Rep Kinzinger breaks down telling the officers, “You guys won,” and a woman with a Trump flag drives her car onto the MN Capitol grounds. The shit show never left town, Martha.

  2. Glad bear calmed down. We have idiots here. An old friend persisted in telling me not to get the vaccine and not to wear a mask. I unfriended her in the end. I went back to look for her last week. Her account has disappeared off facebook

  3. Tell your baby that thunder scares me too. I can relate. In other news, I agree, a total mindfuck. Sheesh. This is an absolute nightmare we’re living in, right? There is no way to have a conversation with those delusional people. It’s like they all took the same drug/mindwarp. (I didn’t know you were kicked off Twitter, so sorry!)

    • I take it as a badge of honor getting kicked off Twitter. I used C^%$ and F$#@ on a post to Lauren Boebert. Sometime back I wrote a post about it, but I think it might have been sacrificed to the great purge. I deleted my screenshot. But I was offered the chance to retract/delete it for which Twitter would post something about how the post had been removed because I (using my Twitter handle) had violated Twitter’s rules. I thought, “These miserable excuses for humanity have posted lies, inflammatory language, all kinds of truly bad stuff for YEARS and you did NOTHING. I call out a fucking cunt for what she actually IS and I’m banned? No thanks. Twitter, pal, take your toys and go home.”

      Here’s the post — without the photo of my Twitter thing.

  4. Bear, you precious thing. You’re what I can truly wrap my head and heart around. So glad you had rain! If only common sense would rain.

  5. I don’t let our dog sleep on our bed either. She also hates the thunder – she is small enough to hide under the sofa – and the rain! She absolutely hates getting even slightly wet. If I try to take her out in the rain she just about turns and waltzes right back in again.
    So I live in Germany and I’m closely watching what is happening in the news and I’m just like, where the hell does the US go from here?
    It’s clear the Trump supporters are totally delusional and people are abusing that to attain more power.
    We have quite a few antivaxxers here. It’s terrible. They have discussed making the vaccine compulsory and then kicked that idea out. Now they are talking about special privileges for those who are vaccinated. So we get a kind of vaccine passport which allows us to just show it and then come and go as normal. Where as those who aren’t vaccinated will have to take a test, and in the future they will have to pay for that test themselves. I am for that. But now they are discussing giving those vaccine dodgers 100 Euros to get the vaccine!! I can see the logic that it costs the government less in the end, but in principal I can’t really cope with rewarding their ignorant and selfish behaviour. It is selfish because we don’t just get vaccinated to protect ourselves, but to protect everyone else too.
    Do you ever feel like just picking some people up and just shaking them? Just enough so the brain cells just fall back in the right place and they say ah, now I get it.

    • The US (leadership) is trying to figure out a way to entice, bribe or bully people into getting the vaccine. My state has had a lottery where vaccinated people’s names are drawn at random. They get $1,000,000. Of course, marijuana is legal here and it is a money maker, and pot sales were high in 2020 (I wonder why?)

      I no longer believe in respecting everyone’s “right” to have an opinion. It’s not a “right,” anyway. We have opinions whether we try or not, like spasms. Some opinions are wrong, immoral and/or stupid. OH well. I still don’t know what to “do” about that. Ignoring them seems the only option but not a very satisfying one. Some of those opinions are very dangerous. So, yeah. I feel like picking some people up and shaking them. Sometimes I feel like doing something worse and that’s not good. That’s why in the last month or so I’ve mostly backed away from the news. I can’t change people’s minds, especially now when passions run so high and people’s egos are invested in their ignorance.

      It’s a hard time in America and scary, frankly. TRUMP? He’s repulsive, ignorant, pathological, sociopathic and stupid. An old Chinese woman said to me ages ago, “People need to look at history. All the lessons the Earth has to teach are already written there.” I never forgot that. Those words have become more resonant and more true in the passing years.

      Please tell your little dog he’s lucky he can get under a bed. I know Bear wishes she could get under something when the thunder rolls. 🙂

      • Legalizing marijuana is a total disaster in my opinion. A couple of years ago I took my daughter on a train trip from here in Germany through Paris, then took the Eurostar over to the UK. We then travelled all around the UK visiting friends and family, staying overnight. On the way back we stayed in a hotel in Amsterdam for a couple of nights before coming home.
        Now I had been to Amsterdam before, and I had really fond memories. But in my opinion the city has really been ruined by drugs and alcohol abuse. People are only supposed to use it in specific places, but they were using it everywhere. So many people seemed spaced out and didn’t really know what they were doing. Many people were really lovely, but I was shocked by the level of people smoking joints in the streets. It felt like a constant stag or hen party, even at 5pm. Such a beautiful city ruined. My daughter’s eyes were opened wide and I think it was a good lesson for her in the anti-drugs campaign.

        There was a 51 year old man on the news in the UK who said he had been offered the vaccine but didn’t want it. Then he caught the delta variant and died. Apparently he regretted his decision.
        My brain almost exploded. Well of course he regretted his decision, it was a really stupid decision and he paid for it with his life.
        If people behave stupidly and have to suffer the consequences for it, I don’t really mind that at all. But I do mind if it impacts other people and sadly, if not enough people get vaccinated it impacts others. I really feel for the exhauster doctors and nurses and I fear a mutation not stopped by the vaccine.

        The virus has destroyed friendships for us. There were people I actually assumed were fairly reasonable and intelligent people until I saw their behaviour towards Corona and from that moment on, I just couldn’t take them seriously. And I want friends I can take seriously.
        You’re so right some opinions though are dangerous. And it’s really frightening. And the more dangerous they seem to be the more adamant they seem to be about it. There’s a far right party here in Germany and they are leaders in the nonsense approach to Corona. One of the leaders caught it (of course he did, he refused to wear a mask) and he got really sick and ended up in hospital. I think he was even in intensive care. Anyway the doctor’s saved him, unfortunately and he got out of hospital and started spouting exactly the same rubbish as before. I ranted and raved a lot at that time.

        I absolutely agree, Trump is disgusting. His legacy really is a broken America. I dread the next election. Even if he doesn’t go for it for some reason one of his equally dangerous cronies will. It is scary.
        Wise words from that old Chinese woman!!

        I told her!!

        • Legalizing MJ has worked pretty well in Colorado. To me the big downside is the people who move here JUST because of that. It’s regulated in several ways, each town has the prerogative to legalize it or not, and to legalize it at a limited level or the more open level. It doesn’t affect me since I don’t use it, but it makes more sense to me than criminalizing something that does less damage to people than does the legal drug, booze. BUT it’s an endless debate anyway.

          I think Trump was/is a man of the time because that kind of nativist thinking seems to be all over the world. I do not understand it. I decided long, long, long ago that I wanted to be a citizen of the world, not just the United States. For me this has been an education in real life. I have seen how much I (everyone?) have always projected my ideas and values on the whole world and lived in a “reality” that was far more friendly to my thinking than it really is.

          I do not know what people are afraid of but they truly (internationally?) seem to fear knowledge and anything challenging and people who are different. When I heard Trumps former former press secretary proclaim in an interview, “I’m not learning Spanish. I speak American!” I thought I was going to explode. Considering that the whole purpose of any language is to communicate, it contravened the basic philosophy behind words never mind its lack of humanity, compassion and curiosity.

          I just don’t know… I’m sad and, on some level, scared and just try to hold my shit together, so to speak. I’d leave this country if any other would have me. 🙂

          • I think part of the problem with Amsterdam specifically is the tourists, so many go there just for that and it’s become too much of a party city. It’s a shame, because it really is a special place.

            As soon as you open your mind to a new language, you open your mind to knew ideas. We are bilingual (German/English) and one of my kids speaks pretty good Spanish and French too.

            I have a lot of friends from different cultures and countries. And I find they enrich my life, and don’t diminish it any way. I think someone different from me makes life a lot more interesting.

            So like you I just don’t understand it. I know that some people just want power and they need inequality in order to maintain that power. But I don’t think that accounts for many of them. There is much ignorance unfortunately.

            Right wing governments are making their presence felt in Europe too and it’s frightening.

            That press secretary was obviously really small minded. What a pity there are people like that in such positions. But who else would a man like Trump actually appoint?

            I completely understand your fear. It just is scary.

            • I have good listening comprehension ability in French, can live a daily life existence in Italian, do a little more than that in Spanish. I have studied German on my own, and do OK with important stuff like train announcements and reading signs. Last time I was in Zürich I had dinner with a Swiss friend and his German girlfriend — both historians. At some point I joined the conversation in German without realizing it. When I realized it, I was really surprised. Rainer said he hadn’t even noticed. It was hilarious.

              I think a lot of it is values. The US is so isolated in a way and many Americans hate the fact that we share a border with “brown people.” The Canadians are OK, but South America? I’ve traveled a lot for an American and some people think that means I’m “lucky” or “rich” or “privileged” but I just made that expense an important part of my life instead of fancy furniture etc. $1500 for a sofa or a RT ticket? It depends what a person wants to go into debt for… 😀

              • Wow, that’s amazing!! I learned French at school, but I can only really speak tourist French now. But I seem to understand a fair bit if I read something. When we first moved to Germany I was building up a piece of furniture and after a while I noticed I was reading it in French instead of English or Germany.
                I love being bilingual. Although we basically constantly speak some kind of mish-mash and our friends think it’s really funny.
                I think it’s awesome you chose to travel!! Your life will have been so greatly enriched by that. I have a brother who lives in Texas. I know he travels as much as possible to South America and really, really loves it. He’s also lived in China and Australia.

                • I lived and taught in China in 1982/83. I think that was (think? KNOW!) that was a formative experience to me about the size of the world AND the nature of racism which is (I think) a universal human condition/problem/starting point? Anyway, I loved it. In 2019, inspired by another blogger who was traveling in my former “home town” I finally wrote my experiences into a book. Writing it was a wonderful experience in its own right. Where was your brother?

  6. I watched some of the hearings with the Capitol police and it was heartbreaking. I can’t wrap my head around how some members of Congress don’t want to investigate what happened. They were victims too I just don’t get it. Fear at the root of it most likely. I’d love to hide on the bed like Bear. Breaking News is our ongoing thunderstorm.
    What hypocrisy: you getting bumped off Twitter with what IS allowed on there.

    • I understand why I was bumped off Twitter. It’s because I’m just such a powerful influencer (ha ha) who has the courage to use good, old Anglo/Saxon language. Hypocrisy exactly. I don’t think the Repubs were victims of Jan 6. I think a lot of them were in on it. I also think a lot of them (like my “rep”) might just be too stupid to understand the difference between a race riot and an attempt to overthrow a lawful government. BUT I have reached the point where I honestly don’t know what’s going on any more and I feel like the best I can do is salvage each day from whatever crisis erupts elsewhere. ❤

      • Well, obviously you’re an influencer who knows how to get to the point. We need more like you. 😁 I’m not on twitter but I would have been properly influenced if I was.
        I have no patience for the hypocrisy I see going on as reported. It is overwhelming and I want to scream out Life is too Short for this crap!! Salvage each day…I like that. Could be a cool bumper sticker. ❤️

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