Excellent Blog Post from a Bike-rider and Occupational Therapist in a COVID Unit

“COVID cases are on the rise again and I just finished another tour of duty on the COVID units. Most of my patients this week were not vaccinated. I was vaccinated in December and January. While it is true that I am now magnetic, that’s just my personality and I was that way before the vaccine;) If you have seen the videos of people purporting to prove that the vaccine makes one magnetic, they are either more ignorant than I think they are, or they just blatantly dishonest. The videos show people sticking non-ferrous metals to their skin and claiming it is because the vaccine made them magnetic. I have duplicated that with a penny, bobby pin, paper clip, money clip, button, and a Post-It note. Only one of those would have stuck were magnetism at play. Lest you think I did anything heroic this week, I was safer in this gear (and the sanitation process I go through as I enter and leave each room) than you are if you go into a store, restaurant, or bar (especially if you don’t wear a mask, or anyone else in there doesn’t). You don’t know if you are near someone who is positive. I do.”

13 thoughts on “Excellent Blog Post from a Bike-rider and Occupational Therapist in a COVID Unit

      • Wow! That was fast! On a white board in our office we have a list of things our patients have called us. “Nurse” is one of the nicer ones. “Doctor” has only been used for the token old white man in the office. “Brick shit house” was another – she is a farmer when not an OT.

        • Ha ha ha! Yeah, well, thanks to people in your profession I learned how to get in and out of my shower after my hip replacement. Major act of public service. 😉 I learned more, too, but that was important.

  1. He speaks the truth! With the nurses in the family all cautioning us to continue to mask and distance even though we are all vaccinated, I am determined to listen to common sense and the CDC…

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