Another Day in Paradise

Yesterday morning, before I went to lunch with the ladies so we could do Del Norte in our inimitable way, I re-did my last will and testament. It was only a few changes in the little document which establishes for all the world that I don’t have much in the way of anything. The edits were necessary because I’ve been giving things away like crazy and, over the last year, found I DO have a little bit of a family for which I’m grateful and happy. That said, I’m in no hurry to examine the true nature of the afterlife.

After that I picked up my friends for lunch. I spent an hour or so day-before-yesterday de-doggifying Bella for the conveyance of humans. We three take turns driving to and from our adventures, and their cars are always clean and shiny and mine is always dusty and, uh, doggy, so if there’s a PLAN, I clean out the inside of my car. We went to our usual place and ordered our usual half-salads. It’s been a while since we were out so there was a lot of talk. One of my friends is experiencing (she says, I don’t notice anything in particular) memory problems and if I have anything, I have words. Occasionally I’ll supply one for her. Yesterday she said, “Now we finish each other’s sentences!”

Behind that, I heard, “We’ve been friends for a long time.”

We shared a little about some of the cool but very simple things we’ve done together and made plans for another. It was incredibly sweet and I thought about it again when I was out at the Refuge being dragged by Teddy. I thanked my Valley once more for whatever power it holds over me that is clearly a force for good.

I heard cranes, but they were in the far distance, somewhere in the infinitude of the blue November sky. I turned and covered the sun with my hand just in time to see them, about a dozen, high above me.

P.S. I’m going to have to take photos of Del Norte next time I’m there. There are NO good photos of the downtown area on the Internet. Yeah, it’s a funky old place, but it’s got quite a lot of old-west kind of charm.

21 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. Yup, I’ve always got to de-dogify my car. I always warn people that it’s a dog mobile, so I can’t promise fur free!

  2. Friends who can finish each others sentences are treasures.

    At least Bella still transports humans! My SUV? Total rolling dog crate, with all the fur and dirt that implies. I haven’t used the back row of seats since I brought it home in 2011; they’re perpetually in the down position to make room for my dogs. I can accommodate one human, in the front passenger seat. That’s it.

    • Teddy is so small he has to ride in the passenger seat with his little “seat belt” hooked to his harness! He’d fly around if he were in the back. 😀

  3. I thought of you last night! I was reading my ‘Southern Living’ magazine and the pet of the month is “Bear–an endless pile of mashed potatoes and love.” Bear is an English cream golden-doodle, and an emotional support animal. Looking at sweet little Teddy, I could see him being an endless pile of love. Hold the mashed potatoes.

    • Teddy a little mix of love and enthusiasm and curiosity and intelligence and 100% Teddy. Bear would like you to know she is a pile of snow, not mashed potatoes. 😉

      • ha! Your Bear is most definitely a pile of snow. If you saw the picture of the other Bear…definitely mashed potatoes.
        Teddy is precious.

        • I would love to see the other Bear. Bear just came in from outside. She wants a cookie. She just did everything she could to let me know. She has now sat twice and nodded toward the kitchen. She just went down as a last resort. She cracks me up. I’ve never had a dog work so hard to speak in terms I understand.

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