The most important news — for those of you who’ve been on tenterhooks since I let you know there are little mammals swimming in the ponds at the Refuge — the San Luis Valley Refuges people got back to me telling me it’s a muskrat, that they’re very common in wetlands. Lois and I watched them some more yesterday.

We were a little disappointed that the little beings were muskrats and then realized that out bias against muskrats and for river otters came from that horrible song that came out sometime in our youth, that song would be (cringe) “Muskrat Love.” Should I encroach on your peace of mind by ending this post with a YouTube link to that song? Muahahahah….

Yesterday our wandering took us first to the museum where I collected $30 and could take Lois for lunch. Before lunch I took her to the river — Del Norte has a pretty walkway along the Rio Grande. It was a gorgeous day (I’m started to wonder about my obsession with snow…)

After lunch we headed out to the Christmas craft fair at the Nazarene Church. I had mixed feelings about that since the anit-vax/mask contingent is powerful in that subculture but I’m glad we went. I saw friends and bought some soap that wasn’t made for cleaning brushes but is excellent for brush cleaning. Lois did Christmas shopping. It was nice to see all the table set up and people trying very hard to regain their footing in this strange world. I was actually able to suspend my frustration long enough…

Then we took Bear out for a walk. Lois described the Refuge as “meditative,” and that’s exactly the word.

Our walk was followed by the Monte Vista Christmas Parade which was even more lame than usual. I don’t mind the lameness; it’s part of its beauty. It was roughly 4 city vehicles and 3 business trucks, no floats. Still it was there and even though it was clearly orchestrated by the Mayor (Mr. Anti-vax demonstrator) it was still cool to see kids on the street waving at Santa. There were only three horses — two painted quarter horses and a mini. A few people were walking in the parade with their dogs.

Small towns are small towns and a small town that’s been through what we’ve all been through for the past two years, needs time to heal.

This photo captures my town so well. Lois took it.

Then I made Lois a really awful dinner of canned split pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and that was more or less a wrap.

23 thoughts on “And THEN…

  1. I was not a fan of that song, either, but only because, at the time, I’d had a rough ending with a guy named (muskrat) Sam.
    We headed out of town yesterday only to find ourselves in Christmas parade traffic–it was great if you measured it by all the candy canes that were squashed on the street. 😮
    Pass on the split pea soup, but I’m all in for grilled cheese sandwiches!! Sounds like you both had a great time.

  2. Sounds more exciting than my day! Zoom meeting, then lunch, then get some documents copied for a Christmas gift, then read emails and blogs, then ~ ~ ~ No parades, though I did go for another walk around the block!

    • Too small for Beavers and no trees anywhere. There are a lot of Beavers around, though. My neighbor across the golf course had them in his irrigation ditch a couple years ago. They took down a small elm tree and flooded his yard… 😀

  3. mystery solved! i saw my first one ever near my river at the beginning of covid when many more animals emerged and were seen.

  4. Oops. That sent before I wanted it to. It’s tomato soup that goes with grilled cheese at our house. When my daughter was little she asked for grilled cheese in a diner and wanted aged cheddar on whole wheat. The waitress said “you get American on white.”

    • I could’ve made tomato. I had a lot of ideas today for dinner last night but I didn’t have those ideas last night (too bad) but we were hungry and I don’t think we cared a lot…

  5. Our little mammals are nutria, minks, and otters. Oh, and also beavers, who manage our Neahcoxie Creek about a two-minute walk from the front door.

  6. I love this post, Martha 💚 as always, I smiled and giggled too. The pictures are perfect. I felt as though I was there. Becky mentioned Emmett Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas so I have to comment that is exactly why I named one of my former furry life companions, Emmett. I couldn’t play the song 🎶, but I was dancing to the music I heard in this post. Hi Bear! 🎶❤️💚🤗🐶

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