Random Quotidian Update 41.3.ii.xi

Here it is Monday and I still don’t have to go to work but I CAN. That is the coolest thing in the world. I actually have some work to do today. I sold some Christmas cards on Etsy (yay me) and some other stuff to mail.

My friend’s visit was great. Bear, Teddy and I were sorry to see her go. Ahead of me is the reading. Snow comes and goes from the forecast, but I’ve resigned myself to the reality that neither Bear’s nor my desires in that regard have anything to do with anything.

I used some of my sold-painting money to buy new surfaces, and that’s probably going to be a big part of my Christmas this year. The other part? The fact that I’m here in Heaven.

I recently got a lovely, small art job from the Rio Grande County Museum. I have been hired to do a pencil drawing of my favorite church in Monte Vista, St. Stephens the Martyr Episcopal Church. It’s a small stone church built as an exact replica of a village church in England by some English immigrants. I saw it soon after I moved here and was struck by the fact that it looks like Europe, almost like the little church in Gfenn, Switzerland. I took it as a confirmation that I belong here. It’s my friend Elizabeth’s church and I’ve attended a few services there and once gave a workshop on my book, The Price, in the church hall. THAT was wonderful because there were some people from Pennsylvania there who knew a lot about the Swiss Mennonites and the conversation was great. It’s always lovely when other people can enter into one of my highly specialized enthusiasms…

Otherwise, the book reading/contest-judging gig is about to kick in as well. This year, it will be six categories which could be 100+ books. Winter is a strange and wondrous time. Yesterday, after the busy weekend, I saw about 15 sparrows on the fence by the birdbath, clearly saying, “Where’s our water?” Normally they’re keeping warm in the lilac hedge.

4 thoughts on “Random Quotidian Update 41.3.ii.xi

  1. I guess word is out that you are a bona fide artist!! That’s the down side to working in clay – I don’t get many commissions… Also I’m looking forward to seeing the completed drawing – the tantalizing glimpse of the corner of the church has set my imagination to churning!

  2. I will look forward to seeing the completed work too. Although I’m not religious at all I do like church architecture, especially old, English/European styles. We have some nice old timber ones here too.

    • There are a lot of cool old churches around here, too. Some pure frontier architecture; some Prairie Style, some 19th century faux gothic. But, my friend’s church is my favorite.

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