Quotidian Update 91.7.ii.xi

Christmas here in Heaven is a two month deal. It starts with the Christmas Boutique the first weekend in November and is wrapped up sometime after New Years Day. That’s pretty long, though this year has been strangely different, sweeter. Yesterday the celebration continued when my neighbor, Karen, and I took a walk to try out (ha ha) the newly made little walking trail near our houses. We had a good time, a nice walk and conversation.

The trail itself is important in that it sets apart a “green” area forever, so, as my town grows west (as it seems to want to do) this open area will be there. One of the bigger ditches runs along it. It’s not a good trail for me and the dogs because it’s too convenient for people who want to open their doors and let their dogs out, but that’s OK.

Our small adventure ended at Elizabeth’s house where she had tea for us and had made us Christmas bread to take home. Karen gave me some beautiful, newly-harvested potatoes. I’ve never been a big fan of potatoes, but truly, newly harvested San Luis Valley Potatoes are tasty. And they’re pretty — for potatoes.

Next week things will begin to “normalize” when I take down my show at the museum and the books for the contest arrive.

15 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 91.7.ii.xi

  1. Potatoes don’t have a lot of flavor for me but add some cheese, salt and pepper and I love them. As a kid I’d eat them raw because cooking them seemed to take the flavor out.

    • I love potatoes baked with cheese, butter, milk, salt and pepper. I no longer know what they are called — scalloped? Au gratin? anyway, they’re good.

  2. That is some trail to wander but to come back to a bundle of yumminess. I am a potato addict and those look ever so good Martha. Have a great Christmas. Special scratches for the dogs from me. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

  3. So nice that someone had the forethought to set aside the walking trail and green space! Potatoes in almost any form are my comfort food…. Happy Festivus!

    • Merry Christmas, Tracy! When I put the stamps on the cards I sent outside the US I kind of said to each of them, “Good luck, little card. You have a long trip.” So far the other three have arrived — but the two in Switzerland arrived almost 2 weeks apart even though the towns are only an hour from each other. So godnose… Maybe Easter.

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