Fried Noodles on the 24 Hour Buffet at Chaos

“Unless you have chaos within you, how can you give birth to a dancing star?” Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra

Back in the late 80s, near Disneyland in Anaheim, was a large Chinese restaurant with a huge sign that loomed over the Disneyland parking lot. It said “Chaos”. Totally cracked up my stepson and me. That restaurant is long gone, but a brief Google search revealed that the Chao family is still in business all over the place.

About the same time we were awakening to fractal art and Chaos Theory. But Zarathustra? I read that my senior year in high school. Not for a class, for recreation which makes me one of THOSE high school students. You wouldn’t have liked me. Or maybe. Who knows.

Yesterday Ancestry informed me that based on my DNA, I am probably an Extrovert. Having learned that extroversion is in my DNA and there’s no escaping it, I tried hard to form a large group of friends and go to a party but no luck. It was a little intriguing, though, to think that personality traits are encoded in our DNA. Many people still think introverts are unfriendly and don’t like people but that’s not always the case by a long shot. I’m friendly and I like people, but I’m not joining a bunch of people later at Chaos for a buffet and Qingdao.

Hanging out with people longer than 2 hours exhausts me. I can do it, and I can enjoy it as I will enjoy the house guests who will arrive to see the cranes this weekend, but I don’t see me making a habit of it.

You’ll notice I’ve written to a daily prompt this morning. Yep. I’ve finished evaluating 5 of 6 categories of books and can’t — at this moment — evaluate another book. I just hate stuff hanging over my head (ceilings, umbrellas, all good) so I put my shoulder to the wheel and went for it — not a big deal as there were few new books. I can’t work on the Benedetto story right now, either. Here’s Verona in the 1200’s being invaded by a guy like he who shall remain unnamed. History is full of that guy, and the 13th century version(s) is as inscrutable to me as the 21st century version. Most of humanity just wants to live its life, but there are those who have some other motive — greed? Power? I don’t know. I mean I feel like a great success in my life because I have a house to live in and a life I can (so far) afford on my pension and social security, but plenty of people out there (most?) want “more” and I can’t even figure out what is “more” than that? Maybe our DNA holds those answers, too.

But still, Ancestry, I’m no extrovert.

12 thoughts on “Fried Noodles on the 24 Hour Buffet at Chaos

  1. I love the restaurant name! (and presume from the lack of an apostrophe that they knew what they were doing) We had a Vietnamese restaurant here (briefly) named “Pho King Good”. The owner insisted he didn’t speak English and had no awareness of what it meant, but I didn’t believe him.

    • I loved that book. James Gleick I think was the author. I think that is why history repeats itself or, as Mark Twain says, it doesn’t repeat itself but “it does rhyme.” I was going to use a Mandelbrot sequence for my photo but the restaurant was funnier.

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