OH Well…

Today’s word is acceptance. That’s been a big part of my thoughts for a the past — what — 20 years? Last night I learned that my little family up the alley is moving to Montana. We’ve been a out of contact for the last couple of months for various reasons — theirs and mine.

I’m sad about it. I love that little family a lot and I think we’ve added a lot of joy to each others lives over the past three years. For sure they’ve been a treasure in my life. They “get” me, and I think I “get” them. But, I can’t make it possible for them stay, so we’ll be saying goodbye in a little bit. I have things for them to take with them that I have to organize.

That’s the whole thing. That phrase, “It is what it is” is annoying, but it’s still true. And, as much as I HATE that Kansas song, “Dust in the Wind,” it’s true that nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.

22 thoughts on “OH Well…

  1. Those kids really grew up during the last three years — from fear of Bear to acceptance, to learning about helping neighbors, and so on! You’ll miss them — I hope there will be as nice a family to move in to their house.

    • I will miss them. I got to spend a lot of time with them this morning because their U-Haul had flat tires. Not a good reason, but I appreciate it.

      • So you learned last night that they were leaving today? That’s not much notice! Are they OK? I’m glad you had some time with them today!

        • I don’t know the back story and I didn’t ask. I’m not sure they want to move. They were gone for a while and maybe that is some of the story. I figure if I’m meant to find out, I will. So the dogs and I spent some time with them and I think that’s the main point of everything small though it is. ❤

          • It makes me feel blessed that I have stable neighbors — the home next to mine has turned over several times in the last 30 years, and one across the street turned over about 10 years ago, but all the others are still owned by the same people who were here when I moved in. The man next to me lost his wife a year ago, but he tells me he doesn’t intend to move; I threatened to move to a retirement home, and my do so before too many more years, but it will be difficult to do so, as the neighbors are so great!

              • I’ve had that in a few places, but not always. That must make it extra difficult when a family leaves, but I do hope there will be another nice family living there soon!

  2. Children and dogs belong together.

    It is difficult to accept change because wanting seems to be wired into us. It is always there, waiting for a loss or a lack of something to kick in.

    Acceptance seems to be a learned trait. It is easy to overwhelm – or just forget – what you have learned.

    • I think children and dogs belong together, too. I gave the little girl a stuffed dog that looks like Teddy. She has not let go of him since I put him in her arms. Their mom loves them, but she’s desperately allergic, so my dogs have been their dogs. “Little Teddy” spent the morning barking at cars (which Teddy does) and eating (pretend) cookies. Loss is just a sucky reality in our lives, I guess. And I agree; acceptance is learned as is resignation.

  3. It must be very hard to see such good neighbours go. I know you have had a lot of fun with the children. It’s a big move for them so I hope that it all turns out OK and I hope that you get a nice new family as neighbours.

  4. Martha don’t let them disappear! Make sure you get a mailing address or an email… I regret not being able to keep in touch with a couple from the neighborhood that were like grandparents to me! Who knows? Perhaps they will return for the crane festival…

  5. Oh, MAK,…this made my heart a bit sad. I wanted to jump in that top pic and just hug you all. It’s precious. Bear is loving it, too. They’ll have a special place in your heart, just as they will for you. You’re all blessed to have “pieces” of one another. Will you be able to have one last art session before they go? 🤍💛🙏 I’ll be praying for that family on their move. My youngest lived in Montana for 3 years and misses it. Moving is such a transition. And Montana will love them. 💕

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