I finished the project — ripped up the last of the journals. It was a relief to be done. Now I have a small pile of things with which to create something new — and lots of dog pictures!

Bear, Teddy and I went out to the Refuge on this humid, foggy, snowy day and had a blissful walk in lightly falling spring snow, heard the songs of the meadowlark, the purring calls of the Sandhill Cranes, the odd conversations of the Canada geese and saw a herd of Mule Deer who had also seen us. We looked at each other for a while, but when a car came by, the deer leapt and loped across the wetlands.

It really could not have been more beautiful.

12 thoughts on “Finished…

  1. The purge of time past must make you feel free… The photo of the mule deer looking at you looking at them is wonderful. Glad you got a good walk in the snowy air. (I’m also pleased that you were able to take Bear and Teddy on the walk to the refuge!)

    • We were all very happy. We’ve been taking a little used road out there while all the people have been here, but today there was actually someone using the road so we threw caution to the winds and took one of our favorite routes.

      You’ll be happy to know I didn’t throw out everything. ❤

  2. What a wonderful day! And what a great way to celebrate finishing your project! It must feel like starting over again!

  3. When I see the Canada geese, I sing a verse of “Oh, Canada.” They seem to like it, especially the last line: “We stand on guard for thee.” Sounds like a great walk.

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