Boiled Eggs

A while back, the above meme was on Facebook. I feel that when any major holiday rolls around. Yesterday I boiled eggs. OK, only 2, and one went into a salad and the other is for the dogs, but I boiled eggs. I could color that remaining egg, but it’s pretty as it is. Out in the Big Empty the geese are beginning to sit on their nests. We deferred to a gander who was protecting his woman last time we were out there. He stood on the road and Bella, the dogs and I just waited until he either crossed or turned around before we went forward. It’s his world; not mine

Goethe’s Faust begins on Easter Saturday. Faust has forgotten it’s Easter, but is reminded by his pal, Wagner (no not that Wagner that guy appeared a couple generations later). Faust is old, disillusioned, has studied everything possible, and wonders “Is that all there is?” And, “How come I still don’t get it?”

As a character, I don’t “like” Faust much. I think he’s mostly a vehicle for Goethe to make his point and explore his ideas, but I have no way to know that for sure. Here’s Faust indulging his dismay at the reality that no matter what we do, we cannot ever really know what’s going on. Faust, however, is about to drag out a big, dusty, tome and begin practicing magic. But, just as it is with everything we humans do, nothing he does will work as he expected it would.


I HAVE, alas! Philosophy,
Medicine, Jurisprudence too,
And to my cost Theology,
With ardent labour, studied through.
And here I stand, with all my lore,
Poor fool, no wiser than before.
Magister, doctor styled, indeed,
Already these ten years I lead,
Up, down, across, and to and fro,
My pupils by the nose,—and learn,
That we in truth can nothing know!

13 thoughts on “Boiled Eggs

  1. Peer pressure from dead people. Good one. I’ve never been much on tradition, and have definitely taken some heat from others along the way due to that. (something may have worked then, but if it doesn’t now, good bye) Not unlike shoes that no longer fit. Wearing them will be a source of pain, and you may decide you’re the problem when its just something has changed.

    • Exactly that. The last few years have pushed me where I probably should have gone a long time ago, but I’ve always wondered why people want to repeat the same things year after year after year? I understand it forms community or reinforces community, but still?

  2. Love the definition of tradition! I remember when Peggy Lee asked the same question. (Actually, the question was posed by the great songwriting team of Leiber and Stoller.)

    • I was going to attach that song, but it’s still kind of depressing, in and of itself but also it’s connection to family events at the time so I didn’t and not exactly how I feel. But it went through my mind as I was writing. Faust definitely felt that way. “Is that All there Is?” for anyone who wants to listen. 😀

  3. Depends on the particular tradition. I see some as being like roots; they anchor you to your family and culture. “At Christmas we always…” often makes for good memories. I grew up sort-of in two fractured homes and now I admire some long-standing traditions kept by happy families. (I’ll never understand why Christmas has become pig-out time, though.)
    Some traditions are passed-on truths. Getting up, getting dressed, and eating breakfast is a healthy tradition we practice. “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves” can be adjusted to suit every home. (One I learned much later in life!)
    Some traditions are old customs tacked-on to an event; they have no significance of themselves. Like Easter eggs & Christmas trees. Having no traditions at all makes one completely rootless. I don’t see that as a healthy thing.

  4. One of my favorite classes in college was a semester just studying the various incarnations of the Faust legend. We hit everything from Marlowe to Damned Yankees.

    • That must have been great! All I got in school was Marlowe. Finding Goethe’s version was refreshing! I will have to watch Damned Yankees again.

      • We even got to watch the 1926 Murnau, movie.

        My final paper for the class was “Faust: Triumphant!” It was about how later interpretations of the legend had man coming out on top.

  5. Some traditions are comforting to me. Others cut deep. I’m really enjoying the new things in my life at this very moment that I create each day.

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