Quotidian Update 91.8.4b.ix

Yesterday Bear and I went out for our observance of the Refuge before the wind came up. With the Crane Tourists gone, it’s ours again and we have another pleasant six weeks (inshallah) before the deer flies and mosquitoes force me to test my summer wardrobe of beige clothes and my insect repellant baseball cap.

The Canada geese are building and sitting on their nests. The smaller birds are singing and looking for luv’. The mountains are still white with snow. Basically God’s in his Heaven and all is right with the world — at least at that scale. I took a big plunge yesterday and sent my CV to the organization that supports the complex of wildlife refuges — Friends of San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuges. I don’t know what they’ll do with those four pages, but maybe they’ll have a little something for me to do. I’ve realized since the last (ultimate?) tea party that maybe I need to make connections with people with whom I share common interests. We’ll see.

Another thing going on here in the back-of-beyond is that this summer on one Wednesday each month one of the stores “downtown” is organizing a street fair for artists. I’m interested, but organizing a display is a problem. It’s expensive, and I know this place pretty well. My thought right now is to go to the first one and see if my work fits in that milieu and then decide.

Meanwhile, happy whatever you celebrate!

15 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 91.8.4b.ix

  1. Another perfect day in the Refuge, Martha.
    A couple of us in the our street are going to do some work down our park to return it to grassy woodland. This has given me a spring in my step for the first time in a long time. I hope you meet some like-minded people, Martha, and that it lifts your spirit, like it did mine.

    • I spend so much time alone which is mostly OK, it’s just that it puts a lot of pressure on my social interactions to be positive. The last one was really a nightmare which led me to think about why. I think it would definitely lift my spirits to spend some time around like-minded people (as it does here ❤ )

  2. Happy Eastertime! I hope your CV finds a receptive audience – it is always comfortable to meet people who have similar interests…

  3. Happy belated Easter, Martha. Your refuge, the peace, your Bear and Teddy (oh those cute bunny ears!), and no mosquitoes (are you wearing anything bright before the beige days?)!!! I’m so glad that on my P.C., at least, I can now respond to you. I’m praying it stays this way!

    • 🙂 Apparently mosquitoes and deer flies are more attracted to red and blue. Since I almost always wear jeans and a blue or red or magenta shirt, I had no chance, assuming that this is true. I got a grey T-shirt and two white ones. I was out yesterday in the gray one. There are bugs already, but not the nasty ones (yet)

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