Drama is Enough without the Melo…

I guess we all have a friend who is prone to melodrama. I have one who, right now, is learning the hard lesson about that. It’s both sad and funny to watch. I think it might be something we all do (important as we are to ourselves) until some REAL shit hits a REAL fan and we learn how totally boring, energy draining, and — well — destructive melodrama is. It’s not going to be easy for my friend to escape this tendency. Even his dad used to say, “Perché fare questo grande casinò?” meaning “Why are you making this big scene?”

My family was melodramatic — particularly my mom. It was exhausting and scary, and problems were seldom solved in that “grande casino.” I hated it, but growing up in that environment it was, for me, a kind of normality. I’ve had to struggle against that “normal” all my life. I suspected then (and now) it was a way of venting excess energy and worry. I am sure that my preference for solitary living is related to that. At least I know when it’s just me, no one’s going to run around the house chasing anyone with a broom or threaten suicide. All that said, I have a very cool head in a real crisis. It’s kind of like, “Ha! You’re bleeding out? No worries. Let me administer a tourniquet and get you to the hospital. Naw, it’s just 14 miles. Don’t worry. What radio station do you like?”

BUT the little dinner theaters at which some of my college friends acted in melodramas back in the day? Now that was fun.

20 thoughts on “Drama is Enough without the Melo…

  1. ‘until some REAL shit hits a REAL fan’–always interesting to watch that happen. And, usually, it continues to still be all about them…

    • Yep. And, in my mom’s case, someone else had to take care of the real stuff. I just wonder if those people are just terrified of life and unsure about their own existence. Who knows?

  2. I can be prone to melodrama…unless it’s a very serious situation. Then I am calm and very efficient. It always amazes my daughter. She says: “You freak out over nothing and handle bad shit like a pro. You are very weird, Dad.”

  3. Melodrama or narcissism..hm not sure if they are the same or connected, but I’m sorry you ran that gamut. It’s unhealthy either way and certainly shapes our later life. You managed to get beyond and not live your life that way, and that is wonderful.

  4. Oy! I’ve known some drama queens… Luckily I’ve avoided them and the chaos that they create! We are all very calm (mostly comatose) and although there is usually a little drama (a 1 on a scale of 10) the reaction is never prolonged or hurtful (more like trying to determine which toddler threw the Jell-O jiggler at the patio door)!!

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