Quotidian Update 1401.29.11.iv.œ (who knew there was a German keyboard buried in my MacBook?)

Another day of wind and dust. They could just give up on the weather forecast completely except, I guess, big trucks need the warning. Since I’m completely obsessed (ha ha) with weather, my FB Memories gives me the weather report from previous years. On this day, 3 years ago, it was snowing a light spring snow, and we were happy. But that’s not today. The way the dirt has been shifting, you’d think the Great Sand Dunes were built over the course of this spring. Truly, I have never seen a spring like this a long as I’ve lived here.

I resisted starting the farm this year, but old habits die hard, and I’ve planted 4 tomatoes, several seeds (tiny little seeds) of Genovese basil, and 8 or 9 Scarlet Emperor Beans. The beans are out in the garden, so far unnamed. Something may come to me. Maybe when they come up (I planted them four days ago so it could be any time…) they’ll tell me their names. I want to grow little squash but no seeds so…

I will stop now. The only way to make this post more boring would be to tell you the cleaning routine of a woman living in the middle of a windstorm and I think that story was told pretty thoroughly during the Dirty Thirties.

13 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 1401.29.11.iv.œ (who knew there was a German keyboard buried in my MacBook?)

  1. What a spring! I knew you had high winds–yesterday, the winds here reached 40 mph. I can’t imagine the wind and dust where you are. The planting is good! And I didn’t think your post boring at all. Weather is always interesting–especially coming from YOU. ❤️💛 I’m still coughing my head off–so much so, my ribs hurt. I’ve got a call to the dr and hoping for something to help me. If I can break this exhausting coughing I think I can mend faster! Take care, MAK! Love, Finn and me ❤️💛

    • I hear you, not literally, but… I hope you get something to subdue the cough. I think once our lungs are hit with something they live in fear forever more!!! Love to you and Finn from us! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Sorry about the wind. It’s my least favourite part of living on the prairie. I’m sure your beans will speak to you once they sprout. I didn’t start anything inside this year. I’m thinking of sowing some lettuce and other cool weather vegies directly outside this week.

    • I should do that, too. I like going out and getting my salad from my yard. I’m going to put some giant sunflowers in with the beans. They seem to like each other and to attract the bugs and birds the other needs.

      • There was a time that I would never have thought to plant flowers (other than marigolds) with my vegetables, but I really like that idea!

        • I read that they do that in France or some place and then last year some birds had thoughtfully planted some sunflowers where my beans were and they really seemed to like each other. ❤

  3. Not boring at all. I can imagine the dust. When we lived in Michigan City by the Indiana Dunes and the coal plant it was impossible to keep the house clean. We didn’t have any AC so in the summer there was a layer of black grit on everything! We learned very quickly not to wipe but to brush things or they would end up scratched to bits!

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