Walking in the Hood

After a couple of days of being more-or-less yard and house bound (except for an interesting but not fun jaunt to the hospital for a test) I had to GET OUT OF HERE and so did my Bear. To my total surprise, about 8 last evening the sky clouded over a bit, the wind died down, the trees stopped looking like they were on the verge of toppling. I grabbed my Bear by the collar, I closed the back door, I put the leash on my big white dog and we went out the front door before Teddy figured out what was going on.

Before Covid, come a summer evening (beautiful archaic structure there <3) we always walked down the alley to the street then down to the high school and around the pretty campus and back. It was no great adventure but my dogs loved it more than any other walk because of all the messages left by their invisible (but extant) friends. It has been more than a year since we took that walk. The last time was last May, I think, and it wasn’t great. Too many loose dogs. Last night I took a gamble.

The neighbors on the alley who’d let their dogs run loose have built a fence, but we didn’t go that way; we went down a street, turn toward the high school and there we were. Bear was happy and I was happy and we were OUTSIDE and the wind wasn’t blowing like a MOFO. The flowering crab and apple trees are blooming and in its own tired way (tired from wind) civilized nature looked OK, as if it — like my dog and me — was holding its own. I plan to take Teddy this evening, and, in conditional good gnus, the wind is predicted to give us a break tomorrow. Valley natives say they’ve never seen this weather pattern before. I hope they are just forgetful.

Bear did everything she hasn’t been asked to do in a long time — she stopped at corners, she did her obedience routine (we haven’t practiced that in 3 years!), she happily did “go slow” when I asked her to. I got the distinct feeling that she has missed our summer routine. There was one melancholy moment when we passed the house where the kids lived. Bear paused and turned to look at the house. I think she understood when I said, “They moved away Bear.”

Those beams of light are no longer there. The “eyes” of the house (windows) were dark, no toys in the yard, no chaos, just a funky little empty house. We both miss the kids. The featured photo is from 2020 when Teddy and I were on a walk. The kids had each gotten a “dog” of their own. ❤ I don’t know why we’re not all wearing masks, but maybe because we didn’t expect to meet up with anyone and were outside.

15 thoughts on “Walking in the Hood

  1. House is still empty? That’s kind of sad. You never hear from them? Little Teddy looks absolutely adorable.

    • I haven’t heard from them since they moved into their new house in MT 😦 The house is not in great shape and the owners missed the moment to sell, if that’s what they were planning on. I never asked them why they moved. I think some things are probably personal. But we sure missed them last evening.

  2. This post is a breath of fresh air for me — we don’t have raining ash yet, but it smells pretty smoky! I’ll keep the windows closed until the winds seem to blow the smoke away! That sounds like a great little walk!

    • It was a very sweet walk with my sweet dog. We both needed it. The tentative prediction is less wind for the next few days, but who knows? The fires in Northern New Mexico are not controlled at all because of the wind, the tankers etc. haven’t been able to fly. So…I dunno. I guess all we can do is enjoy whatever we get to the best of our ability and be grateful that we can do that. ❤

  3. I like archaic construction. It is often more expressive than modern.

    We have fire here too. A bunch of homes in Laguna Nigel just went up in smoke. According to the climatologists, this is the worst drought in 1200 years. I suppose that gives me a tiny bit of consolation. That puts the last drought of this magnitude in the medieval warming period. We’ve been here before and the area recovered. The plants are hardened to drought and seeds will endure for decades if they must.

    • I saw the news about Laguna Niguel yesterday then a blogging pal who lives nearby posted. It’s just going to be a long fire “season.”

  4. A nostalgic walk for you and Bear… Bear is such a smart dog being able to remember all the commands and the routine after 3 years of not practicing!

    • I wish I knew everything in her mind. She’s so different from any of my other dogs. I’m going to take her on another walk we stopped taking and see how she reacts.

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