Boring Quotidian Update 22/7

Dust Devil yesterday…

The wind and fire weather have been more than disquieting, but cutting a break yesterday? Wow. That kind of GOOD change is a reminder NOT to take something like a fine day for granted. Also a reminder that the weather forecast (panic forecast?) isn’t always right.

Out there in the Big Empty things are starting to green and grow in the irrigated fields — the farmers leave the dandelions for the bees (honey is a big product down here). In a few weeks the wild iris will be up, replacing the ground-hugging yellow flowers with pale blue “flags” (old-fashioned word for them) on long stems. On my own little farm I realized I planted the Scarlet Emperor Beans too deep, and that’s why I haven’t seen them yet — how could I do that? No idea… Anyway, I went out yesterday and planted a small handful at the right depth. The sunflowers have already sprouted. This morning, before the wind kicks up (as it’s predicted to do) I’ll go clear out the small garden in the very back where I planted tomatoes last year. I don’t know what — if anything — I’ll put out there, but it’s still a mess. Well, the whole yard is a mess 😀

Clearly there is nothing going on here at the casa di Marta and, honestly, I’m glad. ❤

8 thoughts on “Boring Quotidian Update 22/7

  1. Do you get that purple mustard in the fields? We have it all over the fields and roadsides this year. Guess it would be called a weed but it is not a noxious weed .

  2. Warm and windy is getting tiresome. Glad you had a respite yesterday, as we did for part of the day, and cooler this morning. Windy again. Starting a little garden work myself. Best wishes for a fire free stretch.

    • Thank you — you too! No heavy winds today, either, so two breaks in a row? Bear and I just got back from a very summery walk but she was determined. Enough wind to keep the bugs away. ❤

  3. I hope the weather holds for a few more delightful walks… Sparky just put in his garden and we’ve had 3 days of rain. An all day soaking of a steady light rain followed by intermittent for most of yesterday and then today a heavy pounding rain that dumped lots of water in a very short time! Sparky is mowing even though the grass is a bit damp – he can’t put it off any longer!

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