Wind and Cranes Oil Painting

This has been about to be painted for several months, but I got intimidated, so… I pulled it out today and started with what I knew. Time will tell but I guess I like it fine, so far.

The featured photo is of the two brushes I’m using right now — both belonged to a dear friend who is dead. It means a lot to have them, to paint with them, and to care for them.

13 thoughts on “Wind and Cranes Oil Painting

  1. So far this one looks fantastic! Perhaps it is the blue in the sky, maybe it is the residual spirit in the brushes, but whatever is happening, this is beautiful!

    • ❤️ Thank you! So far it’s been fun. I could really feel — not that my friend was there with me — but that the brushes were glad to still be alive and working. They were a retirement gift to her from the school where we both worked. She was my boss and then my friend for more than 30 years. ❤️

    • Thank you! A long time ago my brother gave me a tough lecture on caring for my brushes. I guess I still hear his voice, that and everything I paint with has a sacramental quality to me, maybe because I had to wait so long… The woman who originally owned these brushes didn’t take care of them. They came to me pretty ragged with old paint stuck in the ferule. She got them as a retirement gift and I remember being at that party and thinking, “Oh, man, Sally’s so lucky to get all these beautiful things to work with.” Life is bizarre.

  2. It’s nice to see that you take good care of your brushes: unfortunately I’ve started to neglect it and will change that again. Good luck with your painting!

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