Thunder and History

Bear and I had a challenging evening yesterday BUT Monte Vista got 1/3 inch of rain. The rain was complicit in Bear’s suffering because it came with thunder. She hates thunder, it scares her, but as a livestock guardian dog, she has to take care of her “herd” first. This which meant I did her the favor of going into my studio (small space) where she could hide from the thunder and protect me at the same time. The painting is “going,” not especially well, but it’s going and really that’s all I can ask of it (or me). I made the mistake in the beginning of thinking I knew where it was going, and I will soon go do some “unpainting.”

My challenge yesterday was reliving the events of January 6, 2021 when insurrectionists attacked the capitol building in DC. On the REAL January 6, 2021 I was working outside, and had the news on my phone because Congress was set to confirm Biden’s election victory. I never expected what actually happened to happen. No one did except, well, those who did.

The House of Representatives, which is currently controlled by a Democratic majority, put together a committee to investigate what happened that day. It’s nominally bipartisan with two Republicans, both people of immense integrity. The are now televising the investigation — on prime time — and against my better judgment (ha ha) I decided to watch.

There was some surprising testimony by members of Trump’s government — Bill Barr and Trump’s daughter, among them — decrying Trump’s wish that they lie about the legitimacy of the election. There was some scary stuff — not the videos of the day’s violence which is scary in a normal way, the way we expect violence to be scary (though maybe we’re jaded now, I am…). The scariest thing I heard was one of the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers — far right groups who organized ahead of the insurrection — who said, “Trump has only asked for two things from me; my vote and to come to DC on January 6.”

I listened, wondering what kind of mind (other than that of an adolescent in the throes of first love) would glom that passionately onto someone like Donald Trump (or anyone?) with that kind of blind passion? Liz Cheney made the point that the government of this country was designed to foster allegiance to the rule of law, not to an individual person. I’m sure that people today don’t think about the historical period in which the Constitution was written, but it was after a revolution that challenged the historic Divine Right of Kings.

I’m glad I watched it, just as Bear was glad the thunder stopped. It’s available to watch on Youtube and various other places if you wanted to. I think the hearings are not going to avail much, though, except for the historical record. Those who have a rabid fascination with Trump will not question anything as a result. Diehard Republicans are likely to view it as a Democrat machination. But for anyone else it’s an opportunity to see/hear the whole story in one place.

Here’s a good summary of last night’s hearing.

12 thoughts on “Thunder and History

  1. I, too, watched last night’s hearing segment — the major surprise for me was the timeline, that the insurrection actually began early in the morning of 1/6. I expect I will watch more, but not all of the hearings. The story is very sad, somewhat (but not totally) shocking, and appalling that it could have happened — but then I grew up in a different era!
    I’m glad you got some rain — it’s HOT here! But I had good news from the doctor yesterday, too — everything looks normal at this time! Yay!

  2. I watched it last night, too, and will watch again Monday morning. Shocking, sad, horrifying…the gamut of emotions. And this morning, it looks like Trump took a swipe at his own daughter. Yeah, this is the guy you want to follow because he only asked only two things… On another note: Oh, Bear–you are my hero.

    • The swipe Trump took at his daughter is actually a compliment to her. She looked exhausted and scared… Bear says, “Thank you but I had to protect Martha. She is too dumb to know how dangerous that awful thunder is!”

  3. Happy for your rain and glad everything looks normal. I also watched the hearing and pretty traumatic and filled in some of the blanks

  4. World and national situations have left me a bit depressed. If you are familiar with the Fermi Paradox, I feel humanity has a Great Filter built into it. I like people as individuals but humanity in general has traits that prevent any progress from happening.

    We’re still cave men. We haven’t changed. Only now we’re cave men with nuclear bombs.

      • We’re in a transition. The world we knew is disappearing. The new world hasn’t been set up yet. There is a reason that living in interesting times is considered a curse. Terrible things are happening and wonderful things are happening and I’m not even sure which is which.

        Everything will eventually settle into a new normal but I doubt I’ll be around to see it.

  5. Yes I watched. It was terrifying to realize that the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers had planned and orchestrated events – pre-meditated and strategized their attack on the capitol. I don’t like Pence (and there is a little shame in that he’s from my home state) but I have to give him credit for having the moral fiber to uphold the Constitution! Sorry Bear was upset by the thunder but I’m sure she did a great job of protecting you from the danger…. Wish there were more people with the sense of duty Bear so wonderfully exhibits!

    • I don’t like Pence, either, but he did the right thing which made me wonder (as I have with many Trump sycophants) what Trump had on him to turn him into such… fill in the blank. I didn’t like Pence’ policies in Indiana, and I think he was just amazed to have been chosen as VP, but I don’t know. Still, he did the right thing.

      I’ve thought about the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers today and it hit me that if there had been MORE of them with better organization? What might have happened? One of my friends left Argentina because of a military coup, what if there had been enough of them to effectively do that? It’s a good sign (I think) that there weren’t more of them. Even I understood what Trump meant when he told them to stand by. What if there had been thousands?

      People would be a better species (IMO) if they modeled some of their behavior on that of dogs.

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