Museum and Beans

Yesterday I went to the museum to talk to the new director about the grand re-opening and my little part in it. She’s amazing. The interesting thing is that I discovered she has met Goethe. A book fell on her head in a bookstore and she met Goethe that way. She’s just starting to get to know him, and it might not work out, but it might. As I’ve read everything and own a lot and don’t need it anymore, I packed up a bunch of books yesterday and took them to give her. She was very happy to have them and I had my first ever conversation about Goethe in which no one was bored. All of us have treasures, and all of us know we’re not going to live forever. When I can, I want my treasures to go where they will be treasured.

I’m still working on my presentation. I’ve timed it, and it’s within the 20 minutes to which I limit myself so all is well. I may share it later.

The beans are growing like MOFOs out there. I don’t know if I’ve ever had happier beans. There are two growing in the same spot, but they don’t care. There are at least 23 beans in that little plot. The sunflowers are doing a pretty good job keeping up with them. I should probably have started the tomatoes sooner because I doubt they’ll reach maturity, but that’s OK. The grocery store has them, too. I apologized to the beans yesterday for not having named them or having published “their” poems, but they let me know they are themselves their poems so it’s all good. I read an article recently that said plants don’t like us to touch them. I guess that’s probably true, but after five years — now six — growing them, I am SURE my beans like having me around.

I know there’s another hearing today. I thought last night that I already know what happened. I’m happy there is evidence. I don’t think I want to play anymore. I’m kicking aside the door stop and closing the door on this one. All I can do, I have done.

Hello MARTHA KENNEDY, Your Primary Election ballot has been counted by Rio Grande County Elections. Thank you for voting!

15 thoughts on “Museum and Beans

  1. This is a train wreck I cannot look away from. How this guy is not sitting in jail, with all his enablers, is beyond me. There was so much more going on than we knew. Sickening, actually.
    Headline here is that DeSantis is dangerous. Ya think?!

    • Yes. DeSantis is dangerous.

      1/6 etc. IS a train wreck and that we’re going through all this to PROVE it to a bunch of total idiots who won’t see what happened — including the little whore who is my “representative” — is beyond me. I’m sure later I’ll look at bits of the hearing on Youtube.

      When I think about Watergate — that had to be proved because it was obscure. This isn’t obscure nor is it as “benign” as Watergate. All of it is beyond me, that anyone would want power that badly. I want to know what was behind — what is behind — Trump’s agenda. I am sure this is just the tip of a very sinister Iceberg that’s related to the invasion of Ukraine.

  2. I love that your beans are happy! Sparky’s beans are just starting to climb and he had to “help” a couple of them that decided to hug (that is strangle) their neighbor. They all now have their own climbing apparatus… I’m glad Bear and Teddy have left the garden alone. We had to try to protect ours from the bunnies who seem partial to the peas – which we have none that survived the great bunny feasting. I think we all go through the delivering of treasures to the next generation – that is what my mother did and now I’m doing it too. When I die all that will be left are my sculptures ( and we all know that dead artist’s art is more valuable! Ha!).

    • The dogs are effectively fenced out of the beans, the fairy garden (with Godzilla vs. Garden Gnomes) and the tomatoes. It’s not pretty but nothing in my yard is pretty, really. 🙂 Yep a dead artist’s work is more valuable. Mine will be marked up in the thrift stores.

  3. My feeling about the hearings is that they are to charge up the political base. Nobody is going to change their minds over it. This isn’t like Watergate where there was a middle of the road to appeal to.

    • I get the sense that the committee has been the research assistant (grad student) to the DOJ. The problem there (in my limited understanding) is that the partisan make up of the committee could make it difficult for the DOJ to work and THAT’S because Trump’s administration undermined the political neutrality of the DOJ. It’s fucked. But maybe not.

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