Introvert’s Lament

It’s been a busy few days with lots of human contact working to solve problems.

Friday I spent the morning in the museum helping the new director edit a slide show so it would reach people more effectively. Yesterday I spent the morning with my friend Perla doing an interview for an article for the Colorado Central Magazine. I like people, and the people I spent time with over the past few days I like very much. I believe in the projects we were working on, too, so everything was wonderful. But afterward I was utterly exhausted.

As a “reporter” I have a goal which is to write an article people will want to read with the possible ancillary goal that Perla will have success at the upcoming fiber festival in the town where the magazine is published. To me that means I need to depict an interesting person who does beautiful work and sells it.

The last two years have shown me how much people like knowing the artist behind the picture they’re looking at. I’ve sold two paintings based on someone’s momentary attraction to a painting followed by a story — one told by a fellow artist to the customer who then met me, and the other because I lost myself and started telling the buyer about the pigments behind the paint. The stories and contact with me sold the paintings.

It hit me that the colossal fascination with Van Gogh — whose work is brilliant and beautiful — is partly based on stories about his life. People “know” Van Gogh and they feel sorry for him and, in a way, want to make up to him for the suffering and slights he endured in his life. Of course, to ME Theo is the victim there, but… Same with Frida Kahlo. The stories behind her life bring out something good in people. Great artist? IMO, no. But what a story. So…

So I’m off for what I hope is a quiet day with (godwilling) a walk at the Refuge. Thunder for the last two days made that impossible. Bear endured and Teddy didn’t care. I discovered with Bear that staying near her and being extra affectionate seems to keep her calmer. OK. Like that’s hard. ❤️🐾

Featured photo: a detail of one of Perla’s creations, a long scarf

18 thoughts on “Introvert’s Lament

  1. I am a firm believer in the personal touch, so I hope your article helps Perla sell a bunch! The photo is beautiful–it really makes me want to reach out and touch the fabric. Plus, the colors are gorgeous.
    When we had our dogs, Daisy was a bit deaf but could feel the vibration of thunder, which terrified her. She would climb right to the head of the bed but did not want to be touched at all. It was like, “I’ll be near you, but don’t you be near me.” Wishing you a very quiet day.

    • Thank you, Lois. It’s not supposed to thunder today, so Bear will get a break. I don’t care — we’re getting real July storms and I’m just grateful but you can’t explain that to a dog. Perla’s work is amazing but just like me; she lives here and is a working artist not a marketing genius. 2020 closed a lot of venues and only a few have reopened.

      • That is a shame. We were driving through a different part of town today (food shopping has become a joke when the shelves are mostly empty and you spend more money on gas driving to find food items), and every other word out of our mouth was, “Oh, it’s closed. That used to be **insert store name here.**” I hope you both do well at the museum, Martha.

  2. I’m working backwards through my reader so I know you had a wonderful walk at the refuge… I hope that Perla’s art is recognized and she is able to sell all her pieces! A good write up can really make a difference. I hate writing “artist’s statements” because it feels weird to try to sell yourself. When I had to do it the first time I read a bunch of other people’s statements and thought they were either too pretentious or too boring – it is a fine line! I’m with you on the Kahlo talent… She had a sad story but much of it she brought on herself!

    • A good trick on the artist statement is to have someone else look at your work and write it. Then you know what others see. I know in the case of Perla I don’t see what she sees. Her focus is on stuff that no one looking at her work would care about at all. Same here. I mean how many blog posts have I written about the way lapis ultramarine is made? 😀

  3. I hope you had a wonderful walk yesterday. We had a thunderstorm yesterday evening. Ophelia who gets annoyed if her dinner is a minute late, wouldn’t even touch her food until the storm was long past!

  4. Introvert’s Lamant~your titles! I get it. It’s absolutely exhausting “peopling”. What a beautiful cause and the interview/article is awesome! A walk in the Refuge is perfect. Aww, Bear and Teddy…I see all of you now. 🐾❤️❤️❤️

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