I’m a sucker for blue eyes. As a kid I was surrounded by them — my mom’s eyes were changeable blue/gray and my dad’s the color of snow shadows. I was very surprised when I learned that most people in the world don’t have them. I don’t have them and neither did my brother. We both have/had green eyes.

This is pure personal taste, I think. They’re just pretty. I fell in love (lust?) with the Good X based partly on his blue eyes and some of the things he said. I fell for the Evil X (ewww) partly because of HIS blue eyes. Maybe we all have inexplicable soft spots in our brains for certain physical traits.

I’ve had 6 3/4 blue-eyed dogs. You’re worried about the 3/4? Ariel had one golden eye and one blue eye. Mathilda had a 1/2 blue eye.

Ariel and Mathilda

Seeing Bear’s blue eyes looking out of a Facebook post a few months after Lily died pulled me to the shelter where, when she looked at me from inside the cage, I was sold. They seemed to be Lily’s eyes looking out at me from the face of a white puppy.

One day I was walking Bear and we met a little girl — maybe four years old — with her mom. Bear is so big and so white, soft and fluffy. She looks like a mythological beast. The little girl reached for her, then looked at Bear’s eyes and then at me, “Why are her eyes white?” It was a little Hispanic girl who lived and grew up in an eye-color world the opposite of the one in which I grew up. I asked Bear to sit. The little girl and Bear were pretty much eye-to-eye.

“Look harder,” I said. “What color are they?”

“Ooh! They’re blue!” She reached out for Bear who just sat quietly while the little girl stroked her head.

The mom — who’d been a little worried, I’m sure — and I smiled at each other. It was a beautiful tableau of discovery.

23 thoughts on “Differences

  1. As a little brown eyed girl, I remember asking my mother why all my dolls had blue eyes. She eventually found me a brown eyed doll but I didn’t love the blue eyes less because they didn’t look like me.
    Bear is a gorgeous dog and would be if her eyes were purple.

    • I’m pretty sure Bear’s my dog because she was born with blue eyes and the breeder didn’t want her because blue eyes are a fault in dogs like her. My good luck!

  2. Sparky has blue eyes and mine are variable (sometimes gold sometimes greenish brown), Son#1 has green grey eyes that intensify when he wears green. Son#2 has brown eyes… Mochi has a blue eye and a brown eye – and she has been winking when she stares at you for an extended time. I think she is attempting mind control!!! I think Bear’s eyes are so soulful. It is clear that she adores you even when you are behind a camera.

  3. Bear is mystical and stunning! Those eyes! I really love how the little girl “saw” Bear~and what she learned. 💕

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