Quotidian update 4,021.a.iiv.$

I don’t know if I outfoxed the fox, but I’m happy to say, I got my old WP plan back. I think they probably reasoned that $48 is better than nothing. Of course, when I thanked them, I got a response advising me to add an automatic payment to my new/old plan. Sometimes I find our brave new world entirely too helpful. So much coaching, so much advice. A gracious, “You’re welcome” or “our pleasure. Thanks for your 10 years of loyal whatever!” but no, “Here’s how to give us your money.” 🤣 Meanwhile, I now have a lot of room for photos.

I reasoned similarly yesterday when I ordered more notecards. The company had a deal on, I set up my order, priced it with shipping against what I can reasonably expect to charge for the notecards. It’s a 30% profit so I went for it. I’m such a minuscule retail producer (is that a thing?) that 30% is $20.

That said, life is small windfalls like that in an economy like we have today. Yesterday I got 40 cents off a gallon of gas, and gas has gone down in price a little bit so it was a boon. I’m clipping store coupons (electronically) and driving less. It’s fine. I’ve been here before. Times like these sent the Good X and me to California back in 1984.

I watched the most recent January 6 hearing. I think things are just going to keep getting weirder (ha ha THAT’S an easy prognostication). In a way, I felt that the two witnesses were saying what they knew they should say, but maybe? I don’t know. Life in these untied states in the past — well, almost a decade now — has made me very skeptical about what people say. Having heard so many lies I mean, seriously? But (as with WordPress and my puny $48) it’s not to their advantage to lie, so why would they? The dumb guy from Ohio’s story was sad, but? As a result of his involvement in the insurrection, he lost everything. As it should be, but still sad. The other guy. Wow. I haven’t even been able to totally wrap my head around his story (I kept thinking of Squeaky Fromme for some reason) — as I listened,I thought, “Why do all the weirdos go to Montana?” thinking, of course, of the Unabomber. I remember how my best friend in CA was worried every time I went “home” for Christmas because (in her provincial mind) only weirdos like the Unabomber lived in Montana. I was constantly trying to explain that it wasn’t true. A wide variety of weirdos lived in Montana and they weren’t all like the Unabomber, but she never got it.

A small laugh for you from my Facebook. I ordered a few copies of Shit, Fear and Beauty for the museum who decided that the word “shit” meant they shouldn’t, no, seriously, I mean? The money was going to the museum, but whatever so I had all these copies. I put them up on Facebook for friends if they would pay shipping. Because of Covid the whole thing was delayed. I mailed them this past Monday and posted this. I love my friend’s response. I laugh whenever I think of it. Now you can, too

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  1. Glad to know if wasn’t just me who didn’t think the witnesses on Tuesday were..truthful? Not sure that’s the word I’m looking for, but we’ll leave it at that. Basically (how many times did he say that??), I wondered how he was selected to appear. So, he took off the blinders and saw the light? I hope the walls close in pretty quickly on The Other Guy. The interview with Josh Hawley and the other Texas guy (not Cruz)–they still 100% support TOG. Why???

    • There’s a great song by the LA rap group, Cypress Hill, that says, “When the shit goes down, you better be ready.” That kept going through my mind as I listened to those two guys. I KNOW they were saving their ass and their family’s ass and I honor that, but it was a little too much St. Paul on the road to Damascus. I don’t think they were lying, but… It looks like the next hearing is going to be pretty interesting. Heather Cox Richardson wrote a little about that last night or this morning (I dunno… time…) And I’m with you. I want to know WHY anyone supports TOG at this point. I’m thinking it’s getting time for the OTHER Mafia gang to come in and break his knees, but it never happens. Why?

  2. I didn’t think the last hearing was as strong as the previous ones, but I may have been somewhat distracted, too. Hutchinson really told a convincing story, and it seems to have been corroborated by her boss in less open hearings. I hope we are nearing the end of all of this!

    • Me too. The part that interested me most in the last hearing was Cipillone. I think maybe the two witnesses were there to encourage other similar people to step up. This is all very wearing on the mind and hard. Among other things, that insurrection was a symptom of something that has to be dealt with.

      • There’s a lot that needs to be dealt with — the insurrection represented much of it, but we’re in need of some serious work to reach “a more perfect union!”

        • The big challenge will be reducing the anger and divisiveness, the “us” vs. “them” mentality. Personally, I think social media should be shut down for a year! Except mine, of course. 😉

  3. I personally feel, it takes a lot of courage, anymore, to step up and testify in person, at these hearings, no matter how late one is to ‘seeing the light/betraying their loyalties’ sides – (which will be said by many on this side or the other – I admired the one who said, “I can’t do this anymore, and I don’t know how we’ll survive, but I’m quitting” but I think it important, whether he is telling a tale that doesn’t make him look very good at all, overall, in saying, “I needed the work, I took the job” – but also saying, “the first moment when I started to ‘balk/no longer think it none of my biz – just here to do a job….” – was – why?
    Well, Because I’ve quit, risked being fired, or walked away from many endeavors that most likely, had I stuck around and ‘just done my job/not my biz’? would have been lending energy and support to systems/individuals/entities which I came to understand, were not in best interest of anyone, but only looking out for short term gains/uno numero – What, in the end, do either of these men who testified, live, today, stand to gain? understanding in a divisive and polaraized world? Get a job? Be seen as some bastion of ‘hero hood’ and always were folks of character, when they just said, live and recorded how they weren’t and they see that now?
    Sigh – I do not see either of them as being ‘proof of the pudding’ overall – or my enemy – I see only folks who have even more to lose, and nothing, really, overall, to gain, by showing up and saying it out loud – but that’s just me – the I can abide the sinner/scoundrel who says, “um, yup, not my best moment…what I learned…” more than I can those who wait to speak up once they believe it’s safe to do so – cuz the ‘tide’ of public opinion is turning? Because the pitchfork mob may NOT show up at their house??? sigh –

    • Yes it takes a lot of courage, even if it’s to save your ass, at least the people woke up enough to realize that is what was actually ON the line. I respect that. I’ve been there. Two men who learn a hard lesson and what it costs? Yep. I know that place, not to that crazy extent, but yep. Saving one’s ass is a noble motivation.

      My resolution (now that the cattle are out of the barn) having just recovered (mostly) from Covid is “fuck it. I’m 70. My life is too short to be sick AT ALL because down the road (and no longer 50 years from now) the shit’s going to happen to me like it does everyone.” So…back to 2020 (for the most part) for Martha.

  4. I’m thrilled that you got your old plan back at the old price! Yay!! And the new not cards are gorgeous too. As for the hearings – I listened to part and then was interrupted by life. I was able to watch a little more today. I think these guys may have had a “Come to Jesus” moment when they realized what they had done. Still there are others that have probably been coerced by trumpworld to keep quiet. I think it took a lot of gumption to step forward… as an aside when you refer to the former President as TOG does that stand for The Orange Git or something else?

    • Janet calls him The Other Guy and I remembered that’s what Biden called him, too. I’m going with it. I’m sure people have been coerced by Trump world to keep quiet. I was very disturbed to hear he’d called a witness on the phone. The witness didn’t take the call and reported it, but wow. He’s a mafia thug, IMO.

      • There are a number of acronyms being used for TOG. I believe it is NBC policy not to use his name, so all the reporters talk of The Former Guy (TFG).

        • I always used 45 for various reasons that should be obvious but which I’m not saying. 🙂 Thank you, Janet! I’ll mail them tomorrow. The new cards aren’t here yet — not until the 25th. 😦

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