Eureka!!! (More on the Rainbow Girls in Wheatland…)

Ballet Practice, Edgar Degas

Having a “Covid Day” — no energy, lots of hip pain. Decided to see what I could learn about using pastels (in my case, Conte Crayons) over gouache. I found this ^ 😃. What an affirmation! It also has some similarities to the composition of my painting — not the same, but not totally different. Kind of a mirror image.

Then I watched a little video about “how” and it’s just as I thought, and the best part was the lady ended it, “I wanted to show you just how fun it is to use pastels with gouache.”

Degas’ use of pastels has always amazed me [ I suck at them (but maybe I’m learning?)] I read about the shop where Degas’ pastels were made then saw it on a Waldemar Januszczak documentary. It’s still there. “La Maison du Pastel” You can read about it here. Here is their online shop.

11 thoughts on “Eureka!!! (More on the Rainbow Girls in Wheatland…)

    • Waldemar Januszczak, British art historian who has done really good and entertaining videos) went there in one of his programs. I couldn’t believe it.

  1. Even your “down” time is productive! I’m so happy that your decision to use the Conte crayons over gouache has been validated by none other than Degas! I hope you are feeling more energized and less painful soon!!

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