I’m an Idiot but My Work Isn’t — News on the “Famous” Artist Front

Last evening I was meandering through my Facebook page and noticed a posting from the Creede Arts Council — Creede being a mountain town about 50 miles away — about an artist who’s on this year’s studio tour. I checked out her page and saw she has a gallery. I’m looking for someone else to store my paintings (ha ha). I immediately looked at the webpage but in my particular way I didn’t read for the information. I wanted to see the stuff they had already, to see if my stuff would fit or was as good. After I did that I sent a query email which some photos of paintings, all the while assuming they were in the nearby town of Creede. Later I read the webpage with less excitement and saw they are in the town of Pagosa Springs which is over the mountain. That’s OK, but I felt like an idiot because I’d mentioned I had been in Creede many times and hadn’t seen their gallery. OOOPS…😜 That explains a lot…

“OH well,” I said to Bear, the only “person” around. “Maybe my work will speak for itself.”

This morning I got this.

Good morning Martha,  my name is  Vickie, and I am the manager of TWO OLD CROWS. we are located in PAGOSA SPRINGS Co. not Creede. I would be happy to make an appointment to view your work your next visit to Pagosa. We have very limited wall space at this time and I would have to put you on a waiting list. If this is still of interest, please call to make an appointment after October 15, 2022.   Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you. Vickie. 

I think that’s good news. Anyway, I’ll follow through. Who knows?

15 thoughts on “I’m an Idiot but My Work Isn’t — News on the “Famous” Artist Front

  1. I’m excited for you! I bet your work is as good or better than what she has now. If you have the Rainbow girls done I bet she will immediately make room for you. My fingers are crossed…

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