Quotidian Update 78.6.ii.a

As you might have been expecting, the dogs and I got out yesterday. The bugs are gone — a huge relief. No cranes yet, but any minute they should be winding their way back to the San Luis Valley on their way to New Mexico. I find I’m no longer especially looking for them, but I will still be very happy to see them again.

The cattails are at their prime — just before bursting open. This year there are more than I’ve ever seen, thanks to all the rain extending the wet aspect of the wetlands.

In the cattails are huge flocks of small black birds that rise in lovely, rapid black waves. This time of year very very few people go out there so we get to enjoy the silence. It’s wonderful to have this freedom again rather than snatching windy moments from a summer day.

Teddy also learned to watch the sky yesterday. I stopped Bella on our way out to watch a red tail hawk flying low beside us. It captured Teddy’s attention. Teddy was rapt, then turned to look at me like, “Wow!!!”

Some of my readers asked about brain fog. I have a picture of it.

“Yeah OK, so what?” I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 5. ONE lesson my parents impressed upon me was to take care of my glasses. “Put your glasses here before you go to bed. Always put them there so you can find them again in the morning” (I’m pretty blind) “and so they won’t break.”

Every single night of my life I carefully set my glasses in the same place. This morning I got up to find I had just taken them off to pull my sweatshirt over my head, set them on my bed, and left them there. I slept with them at the foot of my bed — not the safest place for a pair of glasses.

17 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 78.6.ii.a

  1. I’m so glad you found the glasses! I had an experience once of helping a friend hunt for his glasses — at one point I sat down on the bed, a little exasperated, to think about where else I could look. Turned out I had sat down right next to the glasses!

  2. What a lovely day you had with the dogs. I love that Teddy enjoyed watching the hawk, and that he let you know that. He’s growing up! I hope you’ll have more quiet, calm days for good walks before the snow arrives!

  3. I’m very careful with my glasses! I can imagine the feeling of panic when reaching for them and not finding them in their usual spot! I’m glad they were unharmed!!! I’m also pleased that Teddy has learned to look up. Ranger had difficulty seeing things far away and in the air. Mochi on the other hand is constantly scanning the horizon and looking up trees (she really wants to get up close and personal with the mourning doves nesting in the tree in front of the house).

  4. The cranes are on the move here! The refuge looks so inviting. I think Ophelia (and me too) would love it. Ah…the glasses dilemma…I’ve often left for work late because of them!

    • I’m sure you and Ophelia would love the Refuge and if you were here, we’d also take you on a beautiful mountain trail. I’ve learned through this that I just have to pay better attention to things I haven’t had to pay attention to. It’s going to go away… But I’m better at Wordle…

      • I’ve been reading the book Remember by Lisa Genova. She’s a neuroscientist. Most people know her as the author of Still Alice. Anyway, one of the key things about remembering is paying attention.

        • I do the strangest things now, most of them related to routine and habit. In the morning my settled routine is to make coffee, make a smoothie, feed the dogs while the coffee cooks, take my meds with my smoothie, drink my coffee, write my blog. Every day. No. This morning I made the smoothie first. I didn’t even realize that until I went to the stove and saw my coffee pot, filled with water, waiting to go (I use a Bialetti). I’d filled it like always, then been distracted by my blender jar(!!!!). Never happens, but it did.

          They have a lot to learn about this virus. I can’t even face my emotions about it. The best thing about me is my mind. Well, and Bear and Teddy. 🙂

          • I’ve always liked my routines. I know Ophelia lives by them and she stresses when things don’t go as she expects. As I get older, and from reading the book, I’m realizing it is okay to forget something, that it isn’t automatically something to panic about…I’m about to start the chapter, Tip of the Tongue…I hate when I can’t pull up a word, like someone’s name..so frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing, but I’m looking forward to the scientific explanation!

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