Quotidian Update Lost Count

Sleepless night until 5:30 and then at 6:00 some neighbor’s car alarm went off — for a long long time. Went back to sleep but? Life is just so weird, and, right now for some of the people I care about it’s tough going. I can’t help any of them, though I would. As for me? After what was a pretty rough year, things seem to have, may have, calmed down a bit. Time will tell. Remnants of Covid hang on, but steadily lessening. That’s just the slog it is, I guess.

So… got up at 8 and wandered to the kitchen while the dogs weren’t looking. It was pretty funny because when they realized I was awake, and came running inside to greet me, Teddy ran right past me. “Wait, you’re not supposed to be THERE!” He looked a little scared when he turned around and saw me where, in his little Aussie mind, I wasn’t supposed to be. Then he was happy. Then began the citrus ritual (pouring OJ into the blender jar for the smoothie) and morning is happening more or less as usual but damn, I’m tired…

Yesterday I was kind of disputing with Fromm, but this morning, no. Aristotle described humanity as a chain of dancers and, thinking about the structure of a chain, that analogy works with Fromm’s ideas. I just get bristly when people write/talk about the Middle Ages as if it were some dark dark time during which semi-humans wandered Europe pining for the great enlightened minds of the Roman republic. Now I think I see better (from his point of view) where he’s going. It appears the problem is fear; fear of individual freedom might have its foundation in loneliness and alienation. But I’m too tired to go anywhere with that, now.

Facebook has reminded me that 8 years ago I made an offer on this house and it was accepted. It’s amazing to think I did that within 3 days of arriving in Colorado. There weren’t many choices, which helped (in a way) and there were/are features in this house that said, “Home” to me. It’s similar in age and design with two places I’ve lived where I was happy, a big selling point. It was in my price range — get this! Under $100k. That was then… and here… It had a fully fenced yard. The downside? The highway in front, of course, the ugly bathroom, but seriously. The seller had to put a new roof on the house before I could move in and that was my first exposure to what is known as “valley time.” I understand that now. The San Luis Valley is an inconvenient place to live. I moved in exactly 4 weeks after I arrived in Colorado for good. Crazy. The three little houses at this end of my street — all Southwestern style stucco — are known in town as “the adobes.” When I first came inside, it was decorated in Southwestern style which isn’t me. Since then I’ve thought about the actual Spanish colonial houses I’ve seen, restored from old photos, and they were not decorated in Southwestern style. Many had Chinese carpets on their floors, so maybe this style of mine (style?) is pretty authentic.

5 thoughts on “Quotidian Update Lost Count

  1. I love the charm of this place, bad bathroom and all. it sounds kind of perfect for where you live. very lucky find at just the right time.

  2. My house is old and has the original two bathrooms–tile floor and up the walls with bathtubs to match the tile. One pink one blue. They are sturdy and they are staying. I had someone over who needed to use ‘the facilities’ and when he came out, he said, “I love those old vintage bathrooms.” Vintage sounds good. They stay.

    • Mine isn’t even vintage. It’s just ugly. Our water is very hard and both the bathroom and toilet are crusted with calc and all that — even though I go at them often. Other people who’ve lived here didn’t. Doesn’t matter. What I do helps a bit. The sink is cracked. The “cabinet” it rests in is homemade and the doors are uneven. Everything is painted beige. If I were to paint the bathroom, it might help but I just don’t care that much. I figure if it’s clean and everything works, my job is done.

  3. Hehe! I love that Teddy was happy. Mochi has a routine and Sparky is the one that must perform the morning walk. He had to go to work and Mochi wouldn’t go out with me – because I’m not the morning walk person… I love the look of your house – even if it has an “ugly” bathroom!

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