Thankful for Shoes

Bear and I took a walk, not really news, but…

Last night my annoying health app gave me this information. It’s part of the fall warning system built into the Apple Watch. I hate this information because for the life of me I haven’t been able to figure out any way to improve my “walking steadiness.” I last fell on September 26. A few weeks later, I got my new shoes, and here’s the story:

I seriously NEVER thought shoes would make that much difference. I was already wearing really good hiking/walking shoes, not flip-flops or something like that, but expensive shoes made by an excellent Italian boot manufacturer, Asolo. They’re great. Supportive, water-proof everything anyone would want, but something about them has been — apparently — wrong FOR ME. I have NO idea what, but now that I’m not wearing them, I feel it. I didn’t know I was struggling. I just thought I was old and worn out and so on and so forth. I’m still 70 but..

Most of the time this past month or so I’ve worn the slip ons (featured photo) but I also bought legit boots/shoes that I wore in the snow. They were also great, wonderful, amazing, comfortable.

Seriously, it never occurred to me that just shoes would make such an incredible difference. I’m walking 3 mph and change, enjoying it a million times more, walking farther. I feel like a new person — or the person I remember being.

12 thoughts on “Thankful for Shoes

  1. Wonderful discovery. So glad you’re feeling better. Good shoes are the ones that work for you. It took me a number of fails with certain shoes/brands to realize that their fit/last really didn’t work well with my feet. The thrift store got a lot of near new shoes while I was learning.

  2. Shoes make the woman 😉

    Back in the dark ages (early 80s), when I was a relatively new road runner, I learned from an orthopedic surgeon friend that simply the way a shoe is lasted (straight or curved) can make or break a runner’s knees. And that’s only one aspect of a shoe’s design!

    Glad you’ve found a pair that are expanding your horizons. I’m sure Bear and Teddy are, too!

  3. Happy feet make life better. My mother used to say that if someone was grumpy it was because their shoes were pinching! Which reminds me of my mother and her S.A.S. shoes which she swore by. She must have had 10 pair. My sister had the same size feet. After she died, we went through her closet and my sister was going to toss the S.A.S. shoes (old lady shoes) but because they were like new we convinced her to try them on. She scooped up almost every pair and wears them al the time! Come to find out they are super comfortable and only look like old lady shoes when they are on old ladies! hehe! But seriously the right pair of shoes can be the difference between crabby and laughing through life!

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