Good Stuff

We woke up to an inch of snow covering the ground and clinging to the bare branches of the lilac bushes. It won’t last long, but wow. What a gift. My hope now is that Bear and I will be moving through it sooner rather than later. Two snows already seems to me, knocking on wood, touching steel, a good sign for the winter.

Early next week I’ll be hanging some paintings in the museum. As I “inventoried” my work (went to the garage and counted the boxes), I saw I only have three that I could hang — the fourth is too big and heavy for their system. The fifth, which is in the house, is WAY too big, and the sixth isn’t framed and it would be too big, too. I am going to have to figure this out but maybe not today…

Two of the paintings I’m hanging are at the top of the price point for the community. People will have to fall in love with them to fork out the money. In the grand scheme of selling paintings, they’re not expensive, but for here they are. I realized I will need to paint something attractive that I can price on the low end, something people might want to buy to cheer the short days of winter. And more, it can’t be an oil painting. I went through my photos of the Refuge to see if anything caught my imagination and there it was. I’m not saying yet because it might be a complete flop, but if it works?

I immediately went to my studio where I had already set a panel on my easel. I painted the undercoat, the color behind everything on this planet. Once that was down I looked at the photo and saw lighter spots and went at the still-wet acrylic with an old terry-cloth towel, revealing the white barely tinted with the raw umber. The only thought I had was, “This is going to be fun.” That’s exactly the thought I want to have when I approach a painting.

I wanted to try out the palette knives. We’ll see what really happens. I’d take a photo of what it is right now, but it’s just brown paint on a white board.

Featured photo — my first Thanksgiving back in Colorado 2014 at “my tree” with Dusty and Lois. Pikes Peak in the background. I’ve known this tree since I was 15.

9 thoughts on “Good Stuff

  1. Bravo for the snow. We had torrential rains. I made Sparky check the basement to make sure we were still dry. I’m glad Bear was able to enjoy the snow with you!

  2. Glad you got to enjoy some snow today! It just started raining snow here. We’re supposed to have about 5 cm by morning, and wind. I just wish it would snow without the wind.

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