Yesterday was a sterling day.

First, it snowed, a really pretty soft snow that I would have loved to watch fall, but it was in the wee hours and I was sleeping. It’s wonderful to wake up to a surprise. I hurried through my coffee and blog post, found Bear looking at me wistfully in the kitchen, closed the back door to keep Teddy the Incorrigible inside, leashed my dog and headed out. This wasn’t going to be a dog walk, but a snow communion with Bear. I think Teddy understood that because he just shrugged and jumped up on the sofa.

Fog was lifting from the road as the sun heated it. Fog still hung low over the mountains — fog or clouds. More like clouds to me, beautiful clouds touching the earth. A Great Horned Owl was watching from the higher branches of a cottonwood beside a farm house.

We arrived to find a paradise of untouched snow (except for some tracks of foxes, deer and scurrying creatures). The clouds were lifting slowly, their shadows dragged gently across the frozen, snow-covered pond.

I have never smelled clouds before, that I know of, anyway, but as they lifted, I did, clouds and fresh snow.

Bear and I never hurry and we took the little trail Bear loves in real slow motion. There were very few tracks yet. Even the hunters and hunted had not been out. A red tail hawk was perched in a tree, watching, hoping for breakfast. I hadn’t had any either, but mine was waiting at home in the refrigerator.

Once on the main road, there were more tracks, deer and fox. I had to explain to Bear that we couldn’t go after them. I wished we could, in a way, remembering a time when my dogs and I felt free to track things, but this place is not those places and I’m glad of it. It wouldn’t be this place if people could trample around in it. It’s a small sanctuary from, well, us.

Some disturbing/interesting tracks in the snow were my footprints. Wow.

And THEN….. When we got home I had to face the next thing. I had started a painting,and I was going at least try to paint it. I wanted to try the palette knife, but when I looked at what I have of those tools I saw I don’t have a selection. I I’m not even sure where they came from. I have inherited tools and paint from friends. Were they Michael’s? Sally’s? Alex’? I don’t know, only that I never bought one.

I had to do research into WTF they are. Most of them are (as I thought by looking at them) essentially putty knives used for mixing paint. Only two were meant for painting. I don’t mix paint on my palette. I “mix” it on the painting, so the putty knife ones are pretty useless to me (right now). The two painting knives were/are very dirty with dried paint. I did what I could to clean the cleaner of the two because (I learned) I needed paint with the edges. I managed to get the tip cleaned off and the edges to some extent. It was good enough for an experiment, so I went at it. I haven’t looked at it this morning, but yesterday it was…

So much fun!!!!!

29 thoughts on “GREAT Day!

  1. What a lovely way to start the day! I love virgin snow and the delight in seeing deer tracks scurrying across a snowed path! 🙂

    As for the painting, well, I liked the early look but can appreciate how you continue to build on that. As a non-artist, I have often wondered when you think a painting is ‘finished’?

    • I like the middle version the most, but this painting was a couple of things — one was an experiment the other is I want to sell it. I think the sunflowers might speak to the people who come to the show. AND they were really there in that place.

      Knowing when a painting is finished is one of the most difficult things. For me there’s often a moment when the painting tells me “Just stop, Martha.” This one did but I had to say, “I wish I could, buddy, but…”

      I put it up on Facebook, finished, and it got all kinds of “Wow!” “I love it!” so maybe I did the job I was trying to do. I might get a real set of knives and attempt the reeds beside the ponds out there. It was really fun.

    • According to my watch and fitness app, I have a very regular stride. But wow — the arc is my longer leg and as far as I can tell it’s that leg’s way of evening things out with the shorter leg (1/2 inch shorter). We do fine, but wow. Definitely a place for me in the Ministry….

  2. That DOES look like fun! And so pretty compared to your snowy walk ; ) – not that snow is not pretty, enjoyed from inside a warm house with a hot cup of cocoa…

  3. Teddy the Incorrigible…I both laughed and cringed. Poor little guy, but it sounds like he was happy.
    I’ve no idea how much palette knives cost but wondered if offset knives would do the trick. ‘Course I love to cook so have various sizes of offset knives. I cook, you paint–wouldn’t that be fun to share the knives?! 👩‍🍳🖌🎨

  4. MAK,…what a heavenly day at the Refuge! And the ministry graduate of silly walks…I giggled through tears thinking of you and Bear~the great Communion shared in such a perfect day. It makes me giddy! And then I saw your painting. It’s so beautiful, MAK. Nature, Bear (love you too Teddy), snow, paints, flowers, your trails…you truly know what makes life grand. Finn and I send snowy love as we await the silence of the white beauty! ❄️ 💙 🐾

    • 💙Bear’s right here telling me she had a good time today, also. Teddy has figured out how to let Bear get a walk when we three go out together. I’m very proud of him. A scurrying creature (deer mouse) crossed our path, and I was able to hold back both dogs. NOW Bear is letting me know I should get up and get her some rawhide, what kind of human roommate am I anyway? Love from me to you and Finn — those other two are busy with their rawhide. 💕

  5. I’m late to see this but wow! I love the painting and the sunflowers are good! You made me laugh with the “Ministry of Silly Walks” photo! At first I thought you were on skis… I’m glad you got to enjoy the pristine snow with Bear and eventually with Teddy too. I hope Santa brings you some palate knives!! I’m thrilled to see you so excited about painting again! ❤

    • If skis worked like that, no one would stand up for long. I was wearing boots in snow. But that’s how I walk. A little research showed me that it’s typical for people with one leg shorter than the other… I’m happy you like the painting!

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