The Article about My Friend John Patterson and Farm Art

The article came out today on the Colorado Central Magazine website, so I thought I would share it since many of you asked. The website is having some problems, so it might take a few tries and some patience for it to load, but it might be worth it. 🙂

The link: Whimsy, Welding and Nostalgia: John Patterson

Here’s a little album of John’s work that didn’t make it into the article.

32 thoughts on “The Article about My Friend John Patterson and Farm Art

      • Funny thing about hospital food. I’ve had people tell me they hate it, and others say they didn’t want to go home because the food was so good. I meet two women who had lunch in the hospital cafeteria every day. They said it was better and cheaper than a restaurant.

        • When I had my first hip surgery, I couldn’t keep anything down. It was a small hospital, 8 beds. On our menu card when we were admitted we wrote down our favorite foods. After two days of not eating, I was hungry but afraid to eat. I mean I’d had projectile vomitting. I guess the nurses thought they’d try something and when I came back from PT there was a big glass of milk and two homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. I’d listed that as my favorite food. By any standards, that was a great hospital. I was there on my 55th birthday and the docs all brought champagne to my room and we drank to the fact I could again walk without pain and they got that prosthetic in before the insurance company deadline — 55. 😀

  1. Glad he’s getting better. Fun article and artwork. There’s a big fish made out of old kitchen tools in the elevator lobby of the Kaiser office near me. I smile every time I see it

    • John would relate to those ostriches. I forgot one photo when I put up the gallery, but it’s like one of those only smaller, touchable, and purple.

  2. Do you realize that the sign Farm art can also be read Arm Fart, depending on which ways your eyes go? Mine, unfortunately didn’t notice the art and went down…then noticed the arm above. Sorry for the crass observation…

          • Aha.. okay. Best not to disturb the balance. Rehab can make one testy. Happened with a friend of mine but in a year or two he was back to normal re/ his happy personality and he now runs his own rehab group!

            • I wasn’t myself during those intervals in my life and this bout with long Covid definitely tested my personality. It’s like trying to figure out who you are while the people around you see the person they used to know. Tricky.

              • But perhaps it will give you an excuse to drop some parts of you you are ready to be through with. I feel like I have a new appreciation for life after Covid but I’m also plum worn out! Busy busy right now but I pledge myself to kicking back after this list is fulfilled.

                • Yep. During the time I was struggling to make my brain work right and many normal things began to require will and focus, I learned a lot. One of them was that being myself is very important, which seems obvious, but until I lost part of myself (literally) I didn’t see that as mattering, I saw (here in this place which is very small, very sheltered and deeply provincial) fitting in as very important. Now, no. fuck it. I realized that mentality was residue of my working years when my income depended on fulfilling a role. Now I think the “role” of Martha is the most important role. The pay off of that change has been immense. But, I will really be happy when the still out of whack body systems get it figured out and I have very mixed feelings about the whole Covid event. Maybe we all do. I just know I’m done. I’m not even sure if they come around with another booster they’re going to find a willing arm. The last one knocked me out for a month; none of the others did. Our systems are not all the same. OH well…

  3. I was able to get in later…maybe you changed the link. It was such an interesting article, Martha! I was sorry to read about John’s accident and was glad to read in comments that he’s coming along.

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