Canta, no Llores

Nothing guaranteed to make me fractious like opening a virgin blog page and finding something ALREADY WRITTEN in this sacred space of dogs, morning and coffee? WP what’s UP with you? And what was written here “What are your two favorite things to wear?” Here’s a screenshot of the abomination… Did you get one of these too???

Kind of an interesting question from MY point of view, but who cares what I like to wear? In case you DO… I wear jeans every single day. For the fancy party, I got velvet jeans. Most of the people around me wear jeans. Different brands reflect different worlds, but I don’t care about that. I just found some jeans I like and that fit and I wear them and buy them again when a pair wears out. I also have 3 identical sweatshirts, zipped up hoodies from Life is Good. All of them are gray and all of them say “Stay True.” People might think I never change my sweatshirt, but I do. Otherwise, I have a Patagonia down sweater that says many wonderful things to me like, “Hey, Martha, it’s cold! Let’s go out with the dogs!” and “Remember the times we went Langlauf? Remember? Are we going to do it again?”

Yes, a talking jacket can be a little annoying, but not as annoying as finding a writing prompt RIGHT THERE on my empty blog post, and not as annoying as discovering I’m actually writing TO that uninvited prompt that left me wondering if I’d started a blog and saved it, but no. That’s not my kind of prompt. My kind of prompt is “fractious”. I mean that, literally, it’s my prompt.

When I got the honor of posting prompts for Rag Tag Daily Prompt it was a VERY windy day here in the Bark of Beyond. I didn’t see much was likely to happen, so I sat down and came up with six months of prompts, 26 in alphabetical order. That was the first time I realized our alphabet has half a year of letters in it; 26 letters, 26 weeks, half a year. Whoa. I gave a micron of thought to it and decided it had no mystical meaning (because I could judge THAT, right?), it was just a coincidence, an irrelevant coincidence.

Too much stuff going on in my world at the moment, but sweet things happen, too. Yesterday the dogs and I went to see the vet. It was for the dogs, not me. Ha ha. I got the very last appointment of the day, when all the other customers could be counted on to be gone so I could take both dogs. I learned a lot from the appointment. My first thought was to take Teddy in and leave Bear in the car. That didn’t work. Teddy was WAY over the top excited and difficult to handle. SO I went back out to the car and got Bear who instantly calmed down that hyper little demon from the netherworld.

We have a new vet — a young woman with an Irish last name. Speaking of jeans, she was wearing Wranglers and square toed boots made by Ariat or Frye. That means “I’m a ranch person.” The vet checked over Bear and Teddy and said they are both in great shape. Then she asked what animals Bear guarded making me wonder if somehow I passed as a rancher. I don’t think so. I’d be honored if I did, but, for one thing, wrong shoes.

“Bear’s a rescue,” I said, “she didn’t get that chance. She guards Teddy and me.”

At that VERY moment, Bear had me pinned in the corner. She was guarding. She stood between me and this very friendly, gentle, and kind young vet. Why? Because that young woman had just stuck something sharp into Teddy and then into Bear. By god that woman wasn’t getting near me, not if Bear could help it.

The vet treated Teddy like a pet and talked to Bear like a person. The VERY young assistant just stood there scratching Bear’s back.

Something else, something that might have been totally trivial in 2019… After I paid my bill I hung out. There was once a man working at my vet that I liked very very much. Native American/Hispanic, a giant guy with a heart as big as he was. I asked about him and the news was sad. I said, “I’m sorry. I liked him very much. Besides, he was the only person in Monte Vista who spoke Spanish with me.”

Debbie, the office manager, with whom I’ve shared some OTHER experiences — we had PT after hip surgery together said, “Really?”

“Yeah, no one speaks Spanish with me here.” I have found that strange, but the racial demarcations in this place are pretty firm. In California they were much more fluid and that was good for me because THAT culture feels more like home than my OWN culture, whatever that is. I took the dogs out to the car and when I came back the Hispanic tech was waiting, Mike. He greeted me in Spanish. I was taken back. They’d talked about it. So we spoke in Spanish a little, but after 8 years of almost NEVER speaking Spanish I’m very rusty. I write to “the man” in Italian and that’s another problem with my Spanish now. Suddenly we were all sharing stories from our lives and laughing. My God. So rare in my life now. I felt my cheeks reddening (I’m that kind of person) and I felt happy. My Spanish got a little better, and as I left I was able to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Somehow saying “Feliz Navidad” and hearing “Igualmente!” warmed my soul.

I’ve spoken Spanish since I was a kid. I grew up with love for the language and the culture. In California I taught at an extension of Southwestern College on the border to people who came up from Tijuana for school. My first students EVER at the Adult Education Tutorial Program in Denver were Mexicans who spoke no English. My neighbors in San Diego were Mexican and when I moved up to the mountains, it was the same, only more. My neighbors and I formed a little family, a situation that doesn’t happen often with Anglos. It isn’t just the language; it’s the culture. Languages don’t exist in a vacuum. In real life, people use them and want to understand each other meaning there’s a lot more to it than grammar. I felt so happy. Nothing here is “just” what it is. I felt — for the first time in a long while — the family that is a small town.

33 thoughts on “Canta, no Llores

  1. Fun post, prompt or no. My Spanish is very rusty. I’ve never been fluent, but I understand more than I can speak. And thanks for ‘igualmente.’ I was trying to remember that word when I was in Mexico a couple weeks ago and just couldn’t call it up.

    Last time I was at the vet was a very bad day.

    • Yep. Two of my memories of the big Indian are involved with bad days at the vet. He made them both better. When I had to take my 17 year old Siberian husky, Lily T. Wolf, and I could not let go of her, he and the doctor made a place for us together on the floor. When it was over, I looked up and that big man had tears streaming down his face. “We used to raise those dogs,” he said, wiping the tears away, “But it got too hard.” Then Mindy had a debilitating stroke here in my house. I couldn’t lift her. I called and he came within 10 minutes, picked her up off the floor, wrapped her in a blanket he’d brought, and put her in his truck. I followed them. He was just a great person. This things are so painful but an understand person there really does help.

        • Toulouse would say the same, I imagine. Lily, Mindy and Dusty all said that. Lily left me Bear and Dusty left me a small Mindy, Teddy, whom he (Dusty) loved with all his heart. They have it all organized ahead of time.

            • many of the dogs I’ve lost had already lined up a dog (or dogs) who needed to live with me. Ariel alerted me to Jasmine and Lily who — with their owner — in a desperate situation. Bear was very likely born on the day Lily died. And Dusty? three weeks after Teddy came to live with us Dusty had several strokes. I’m convinced there’s a network…

  2. WP wrote that same prompt for me, too. Another blogger received a different question. I initially deleted my writing because I thought I had pasted something wrong on my blog, then went back and was relieved that it didn’t post when I hit ‘publish.’ And we pay for this?!

    • Well, maybe they think they’re giving us “more” for our money??? Teddy says HI. He’s right here with his nose on my knee… Oh and I’m still wearing my jeans but I took off my sweatshirt and I’m wearing the black wool turtleneck that goes under the sweatshirt. I have four of them. Identical.

  3. Those prompts don’t show up on the Classic Editor – just the Block Editor which I refuse to use! Almost all my clothes are the same brand – because when you find something that fits and makes you feel good you go with it! At one point I had 7 pairs of the same shoe in different colors! I wore them out and could never find them again. Maybe in another 15 years the fashion cycle will repeat and I’ll be able to find them again! You vet clinic sounds like a class act…

  4. I usually go for loose cargo pants and tee shirt. In winter I add a flannel shirt. I can’t stand tight clothing. I’d prefer nothing at all but that isn’t practical most of the time and doesn’t have any pockets.

  5. Es mi fiesta y lloraré si lo quiero.

    Butch Hancock wrote a song of unrequited love with the lyric, “Spanish is a loving tongue/But she never spoke Spanish to me”.

    Around here, in the late 60s-early 70s, those Frye boots meant you were hipper (or richer) than I.

    • I had Frye boots in the 70s. I tripped on one and sprained my ankle. I was hurrying to go out to “meet the man.” It was the only drug deal of my whole life; I scored a lid for $20.

      Cuando esta canción fue en el radio, mi padre dice, “Rock es muerto”。

  6. Great post, Martha!

    I laughed at your comment about jeans brands and what they say about the wearer. In Seattle, it’s Levi’s, all the way. In Idaho? Wranglers. I stood out like a sore thumb wearing my Levi’s. The first year I lived there, I was working in a local outdoor shop. A woman came in wearing all black, including black Levi’s. “Are you from Seattle?” I asked. She looked startled, then said, “Yes. How did you know?”

  7. I found that prompt on both my blogs yesterday. I thought I’d written something I didn’t remember writing at first. Then I realised that it was a new WP thing. Annoying but easily deleted. If they want to leave us prompts they ought to do it the way they used to with WP Daily Prompts you could write to or ignore.
    Your vets sound like lovely people by the way.

  8. I’m so glad your what am I wearing evolved into a wonderful story about your vet visit. I love the photo of you and Bear. Okay, today was the first day in quite a few days that I opened my WP to write and I was like…what the heck…I don’t want to talk about how I feel about meat…and I’m sure many people don’t care how I feel about it…Ophelia said “Great prompt…let me tell you” as she stared at her bowl.

  9. Oh, MAK,…I SHOULD know Spanish…I thought I knew it years ago when visiting Mexico and USING it,…and with my so many friends in this area. I feel bad that I’m rusty. The experience at the Vet is beautiful. I screenshot the pic of you and Bear for my photos ~I don’t care if it’s creepy because you know I’m not a stalker, lol, I just love it!” I collected Life is Good shirts and hats many years. Since I left a “career” I pretty much wear jeans, flannels, sweatshirts, hiking pants,…daily. I have a pair of sweats and a cardigan I wear and my family says, “it must be a writing day”…lol. ✍🏻✍🏻💕❤️🥰🤗

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