More Questions…

Rory at Earthly Comforts sets 15 random questions every week. I answered last week, was tagged this week, and decided to do it again… Here is this week’s selection. I didn’t answer them all.

01 Do you sometimes ‘just’ LIKE posts from those you follow but don’t often read the content, and if so, why do you do this? Is it a time restraint or something else that motivates this action?

I sometimes like without commenting and without reading because many of the blogs are photos.

02 What do you do with gifts you have received but have no use for?

Inspired by Sadje

I give them to someone who can use them.

03 Have people become lazier concerning cooking do you think, or is it more a case of people not knowing how to cook? Is cooking considered a valuable skill by you?

I don’t care at all about cooking. I started cooking for my family when I was 7. It’s never been a big deal to me. Certainly it’s valuable, but, to me, not particularly interesting even though I’m good at it.

04 What news stories, in your opinion, have so far defined the 2020’s and what do you think they have taught us personally as individuals?

This is an immense question, way more than I can begin to address. I can’t even answer it for my own little self, except to say we won’t know — I won’t know — until a lot more time has passed.

05 What would you never swallow even if you could?

Many of the opinions I hear and read every day. 😀

07 How important is it to you to have a clean house or environment to live in and does it have to be pristine?

I hate chaos, but I have dogs. I’d say my house is picked up but never pristine.

08 Could you give up your Smartphone and break your addiction to it?

I’m not addicted to my phone. It is and has always been just a phone. I think those of us who grew up with a phone hanging on the wall or sitting on a table might be less inclined to become addicted to our phones — that said, a couple of my friends — age peers — are as fixated on their phones as any kid.

09 What have been five of your best TV shows from the dawn of dot to today? Why were they good? You’ll have to watch them — it’s probably a matter of personal taste as to whether they’re good nor not. Oddly, none are American TV.

  • MI-5
  • Rake ❤️
  • Mountain Detective (Alex Hugo)
  • The original All Creatures Great and Small
  • Father Ted

10 Why is life not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns? What makes your life good and or bad?

Attitude determines what kind of bed life is. There’s something to that annoying phrase, “Make the best of it.”

12 How do you feel about the ageing process and you?

It’s a privilege to experience the aging process. Who cares how I feel about it? A lot of people don’t get the chance.

13 What is the last rebellious thing you did?

Not answering this question.

14 What would be your ideal ‘you experience’ of the following …. museum, theatre, spa day, bungee jumping?

I like museums, but I’d rather spend a day in the mountains.

15 Could you easily step off the planet and away from society and your friends and being social and also away from the Internet for 12 months. No. I’m not very social as it is, and I like solitude very much so that’s really not a big deal. But I am dependent on the Internet for a lot of my social interaction because I live in a small town in a remote place. I write for a magazine that’s 1 1/2 hours from here. I have job which is 80 % physical and 20 % on the Internet. Some of my most regular social contacts are through this blog and my closest friends are 3 hours away.

P.S. I hate the tables format.

15 thoughts on “More Questions…

  1. Rake was a good show. I’ve watched a couple of seasons of it. Might watch the rest one day if it’s on a streaming service I can access. I also liked the original All Creatures Great and Small. I read all the books too.

  2. Essentially they asked you if you could easily spend 12 months alone in space capsule without any outside contact. That’s a strange question.

    Question number 5 is also strange.

    • Sometimes you need strange questions to open your mind a bit further – but also it is interpretation to the question itself. One person answered Oysters, another a wild unidentified berry to the what could you not swallow.

      I think the problem is that here in the UK, stepping off the planet means – stepping off grid, whilst some may interpret that to be literally stepping off the planet.

      What l am referring to simply put – is stepping away from society for 12 months – taking a step away from sociality itself. Something l could easily do, something l consider daily. Do l need the sociality of people to live my life?



  3. Hey Martha – I hope you are keeping well 🙂

    Some good answers here; l agree, life is what we make it to be – l heard this question raised by two people when l was volunteering last week …

    Why is life not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns? What makes your life good and or bad?

    I answered very similarly to how you have. Life is what we make it to be.

    I watched the original All Creatures and also loved it; l remember meeting the cast of the TV show back in the 80s. My other half loves the remake, and it’s okay, but admittedly l don’t tend to watch much of it. I also liked Father Ted. Very funny. The young vicar just creased me up constantly.

    I don’t have a Smartphone, and mine’s an old Nokia that stays mainly in the house and loses battery way too fast for any true functionality l am most assuredly not addicted to it and yet l see many people of all ages are and would feel lost and naked without it.

    I agree recycling unwanted gifts is a great idea.

    Aye, l know the score about the house and dogs; l used to have a pack of six in the place, which takes a new set of understanding of the desires of housework and practicality.

    Many thanks again, and wishing you a lovely Sunday 🙂

  4. I just scrolled to the bottom to tell you that I love this picture of Teddy! I’m so happy I was able to read for a while and I’m going to take a break and get ready…then I saw Teddy. Have the best day, MAK. All 3 of you. Love, Finn and me 💚🎄🐾

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