Interesting Direction in ChatGPT

Today I got this email leading to a survey that I was very happy to take:

Hi Martha,

You’ve likely heard about ChatGPT, an AI tool that uses natural language to interact with people. It can generate essays, reports, and workplace messages based on prompts given to it by people.

As a communication instructor, you are uniquely positioned to think about how ChatGPT presents challenges and opportunities for writing and communication instruction.

We seek to identify emerging best practices in the use of ChatGPT by drawing on the perspectives of communication instructors like yourself.

We would appreciate 10 minutes of your time to take the following survey about your views about ChatGPT.

survey link

Even if you don’t know much about ChatGPT, that’s fine. The survey contains several screens with output to prompts given to ChatGPT so you can see how it works. In the survey, you can see how ChatGPT responded to the following questions:

·       “What are the best ways to deliver bad news to employees?” (a simple query with advice)

·       “Please write a message to employees about a new policy that requires them to return to the offices for work.” (a workplace message)

·       “Write a 5 paragraph essay about the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace. Provide citations.” (a short essay with sources)

Thank you in advance for providing your perspectives. We hope to share results from the survey for an Association for Business Communication conference presentation and submit the findings to a communication journal. We want to tap into the perspectives and expertise of the business communication community to identify general reactions and recommendations. Please email us directly if you want summary results. 

With appreciation, Five professors from five different universities

Done! Thank you. I think it’s got potential to be a GREAT tool in both business communication and general writing classes. Experimenting with it kind of made me wish to get back into a classroom.

Martha Kennedy

Business Communication Instructor, San Diego State University, retired– 


Hi Martha, totally agree. It’s such a fascinating tool. Used wisely, it has lots of potential. Take care and appreciate your thoughts.  

Even though I’m retired, I took the survey and made the point that I thought it could be a great teaching/learning tool in a communications or writing class. There were several open-ended questions that asked how I would use it. It was a good survey and I was happy to participate.

I was happy to see this and to see that there’s interest in it as a teaching tool rather than an outright dismissal of it as a new plagiarism opportunity.

7 thoughts on “Interesting Direction in ChatGPT

    • I was happy to do the survey — the whole thing just hit me that it could be the worst thing to happen to teaching or one of the best. Lois told me this morning that the bot took the MBA final at Wharton School of Business and got a B/B-. That doesn’t surprise me. Every “assignment” I’ve given it has been in the B-/C+ range. Funny. because I’m not teaching any more so why should I care? I guess I’m just intrigued.

      • Oh, wow! I totally understand. It’s all so intriguing to me. If my brain wasn’t so overloaded with closing on my house today, moving, illness,…seriously, overloaded, I would be learning as much as I can about it and diving in deeper about it. As teachers I think we’ll always be interested to find tools (and/or weapons? Lol) that can help or hurt education. You’re going to always be that way because you care! That’s why I loved teachers such as you. Finn and I are thinking of you daily and sending love always. I hit a wall with so much happening at one time. Hopefully my hiking crew can make it this weekend as I have a Uhaul and ways I want to celebrate them for helping me move. We are expecting 8-10 inches of snow tonight and we, of course, are thinking of you 3 as we wait! But it definitely stopped my scan for tomorrow and my move (electricity in my name so a friend ran me up there yesterday so I could set it on a reasonable temp before the storm). I wanted to email, but haven’t even sat at computer other than to do ALL the moving things; including appointments. My apologies for typing it all in this response! We miss you! I need AI to help me with these layers I’m navigating, lol. 💕❄️❄️❄️🐾🐾🐾

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