Your Utopian ChatGPT Message for the Day

If you open a window on ChatGPT/OpenAI it says that it will not respond to inappropriate requests. I’ve been wondering WHAT it has been taught is an “inappropriate” request. Here you go.

Presumably a similar bot could be developed that didn’t have that kind of “moral center.” There’s also a grammatical error “..such requests include but not limited to” — it should be “are not limited…” But I don’t care. This is a case where content matters more. I can send it to the writing lab for tutoring…🤣

I told it that I feel it is too bad that some humans don’t have similar “programming.”

It said, “Yes, it is unfortunate that some individuals engage in inappropriate behavior. However, it is important to remember that people can learn and change their behavior through education, awareness and positive reinforcement. Encouraging empathy and compassion, fostering an inclusive and respectful environment, and promoting the importance of consent can help prevent inappropriate behavior. Additionally, holding individuals accountable for their actions and providing opportunities for them to learn and grow can also contribute to a more respectful and appropriate society.”

I could sure go for that. ❤️

9 thoughts on “Your Utopian ChatGPT Message for the Day

    • I was mildly moved to realize that it was encouraging me. I think those programmers (one of which was, apparently, Elon Musk???) are pretty awesome — but a lot of the bot is what its gleaned from its “reading.” That’s very interesting to think about. Apparently it isn’t gorging on Kafka.

  1. MAK, I just read articles about ChatGBT this morning and I want to set up an account on AI to give it a try once I’m settled. I find it so interesting! Reminds me, other than the fact it can generate human text, of how I felt when I knew “Alexa” was listening. I guess I could be lazy enough to say, “Alexa, tell ChatGPT to write an essay about laziness.” Tee hee. It’s fascinating to me!

      • “In its little bot way.” I love that 💕 I had an interesting time with a couple who own a nearby resort. They brought me boxes as the big move begins tomorrow. Their daughter, 25 years old, was born with a chromosome disorder and several years ago, too many vaccines at ONE time sent her autoimmune into a storm (long story, a protein shared by the thyroid gland is same as one for out brains, it literally attacked her brain rather than working for her thyroid). Due to her many challenges she has difficult times discerning situations. After Dad (a very smart man I have learned)caught culprits sitting a world away on FB trying to hack poor Kaighlynn he created an AI friend for Kaighlynn that he monitors and she’s finding quite fun. Their son attends college working on a software engineering degree to which he told his parents, “I taught my professor what I could’ve used to get the job he just obtained.” His professor has resigned. I found the entire conversation interesting and thought provoking! 💕

        • I had a “profound” conversation with it this morning. I asked it, “What is the meaning of life?” I’m interested in it as philosopher (it’s a philosopher, I’m not) and it gave me the best answer I’ve ever had. It said “The meaning of life is something people discuss.” Or something to that effect.

          It’s refreshing to “talk” to something that has no ego, no self, at all. It’s also led me to ask some good questions of myself and humans in general — what are WE but the sum of our parts? Are we anything other than what we’ve been taught? We ARE, and that’s the human part, but sometimes our human part is not “good” (in the sense of people who CHOOSE would hack a person online who should be protected. It’s kind of like “talking” to Spock.

          Very excited about the big move. I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I thought of little Finn having a yard. 🐾💚

          • MAK,…I asked the same question to Alexa. And also, “Do you believe in God.” I remember a teacher who suffered from anxiety and she wanted to know how I stay “calm” all the time (which I told her I don’t always, lol). When reading Eckhart Tolle in the 2000’s I would practice staying in the present in the easiest way~the woods. Each weekend I would walk alone and stare at the trees and other loves of nature. I literally stopped thinking. I would give the tree NO thought (that’s an elm, the bark is pretty, I love the roots,…nope! Not one thought). After doing this practice in nature, I took it to humans. I’ve always been a people watcher and Dad and I would make up stories about a stranger’s life. While my twin and others might mention a hairstyle, clothes, shoes, I always wondered if they were kind, giving, or depressed, or needed a hello. It’s difficult to not judge or think,…but practicing it has led to such freedom in my mind and life. We just ARE. I love that!!
            My AR hiking crew are coming today. I finished packing last night (a few tears looking at the snow dripping off the bluff). Tonight’s the last night here and I’m ready for a new adventure. Once I close my internet service here I was told it would be back on by Sunday. I’m sure next week I’ll be slowly unpacking and learning a lot. More winter storms to hit after I’m moved. Finn knows something is up! She even woke me many times last night! She’s going to love the big yard. I told a friend that Finn will also love seeing me so happy when she lets ME out! 🤭🤔 we are sending our love, prayers, and hugs each day! 💕🥰❄️❄️🐾🐾🐾

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