On this cold windy day, the blowing snow
Fills our foot prints. Ice lace in the tire
Tracks. With her nose to the ground, my dog, slow,
Reads world history in the scents of prior
Animals. The wind stops and starts in blasts.
I tuck my chin more deeply into my scarf,
and feel glad for gloves. Snow showers fly fast
Past the mountains’ face; cold beauty, winter’s heart.
Tired of the fight, I turn back and see,
On the snowy road, shadows, light then dimmed,
Moving clouds. I stop in a suddenly
Different day with my back to the wind,
“This is beautiful,” I tell my dog who
Rolls in the snow and eats some rabbit poop.

21 thoughts on “Windbreak

  1. Love this, Martha. So very evocative, it made me feel as though I was right there with you. And what a wonderful picture, it nicely enhances the chill factor effect! Great ending too – you can always rely on a doggy companion to add an earthy quality to a walk! 😀

    • Heading west, the wind was brutal. Once I turned around, it seemed like spring. 😆 Bear was so happy, and there was much leaning against Martha and petting of Bear’s head and scratching of her ears.

  2. I read this on the way to church. I got to the end and started laughing. Confused Sparky and he thought I was trying to tell him to slow down… Great poem and a wonderful record of a perfect walk with Bear! (Mochi looks for rabbit poop snacks too – blech!)

  3. A perfect winter walk! I’m in Ohio right now and it is raining…feels like spring. I’m sure Ophelia is enjoying the snow at her boarding kennel and if she knew Bear was getting rabbit poop snacks, she’d be jealous.

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