The Evil X sat me down for a talk one day early in our “relationship” and said, “You have problems with trust.” That’s true. I did have problems with trust. I do. “I want you to trust me,” he went on. Interesting coming from the second-worst conman in my life experience. First, is, of course, TFG.

OK, you know that joke about carrying the snake across the river, right, or the scorpion and the frog? Wikipedia even has an entry for it.

When I was trying to figure out how love might be authentically present, it came to me that it would be in two things — kindness and consistency, two attributes of a trustworthy person. I thought about where I’d found that in my own life, so I could see my models of it. I found it, but the most reliable thing was nature. Still, tell that to the earthquake victims in Turkey or ranchers in Wyoming struggling to get their stock to safety in a very harsh and hungry winter.

The ONE trustworthy thing in life is that something will happen. To me, trust is an ideal. Skepticism makes a lot more sense.

20 thoughts on “Doubt…

  1. “Trust” is a funny word. “Trust me” is the motto of the con artist. We can trust people to be themselves. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

  2. Hello, sweet Teddy!
    Oh yeah, ‘trust me.’ Run for the hills when someone says that. It’s almost like they are giving us a warning.

    • “Hello Mrs. Lois! Martha took this photo when I was still a puppy. She says she trusts Bear and me. We trust her, too. She’s never failed to give us breakfast and supper. Your pal, Teddy Bear T. Dog”

  3. Trust is easily given but devilish hard to repair once broken. I think of dogs as a prime example of how trust should work. I bet Bear looks at you with complete trust as does Teddy…

  4. I’ve had trust issues my entire life. I understand. Nature…and dogs, of course, my Creator (even when I question him I know he’s the reason I’m still here, that’s my only “without a doubt”). Dogs. I trust them. Although Finn can cause some skepticism at times, lol. I love this pic of Teddy. It’s SO good to see you on this Sunday and read your words that always resonate to me in some way. Love, Karla and Finn (Finn sends love to Teddy and Bear) 💙🐾

    • I don’t think they are “trust issues” any more. I did back when I thought I should be different, but now? Healthy skepticism and less second-guessing might have made some things in my life a little easier. Bear, Teddy and I send you two lots of love, too. ❤️🐾🐾

      • Yes! Perhaps “healthy skepticism” is more of how I feel. Thank you for sharing that. I do love hard,…I’m definitely wiser (I think 🤔, lol). I appreciate and love you 3 so much. I’ll try and keep you updated between this week’s appts and next week’s treatment! May the Big Empty, Refuge, and love of two adorable sidekicks (and all the books!) bring nothing but peace and love this week. 💚🐾🙏🏻🥰🐾

        • Please do keep me posted!!! Teddy was a prince among dogs on our walk today. He’s really getting it and it’s so much more fun! We heard cranes but didn’t see any. ❤️🐾🐾 To you and little Finn (“I’m big enough, Martha!!!”)

          • Aww, good boy, Prince Teddy! Yay for sounds of cranes. “I’m small and mighty and love BIG, Martha!” (From Finn 🥰🐾🤗)

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